Why Can’t I Meld In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep?

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Final Mix distinguishes themselves from other Kingdom Hearts games through the Melding feature.

Melding allows you to create new Command Skills by combining other Command Skills you already have. It is a fun mechanic that adds an element of surprise to the game.

However, there are several mistakes that players do while melding, such as:

  • Not leveling Command Skills up enough
  • Not having duplicate Command Skills
  • Choosing a Command Skill with no possible melding combinations
  • Not using the correct character when Melding

Four Most Common Melding Mistakes

Listed below are the four biggest mistakes that you need to watch out for.

These might prevent you from getting the Command Skills you want or just melding Command Skills altogether.

Mistake #1: You Haven’t Leveled The Material Command Skill Up Enough

Meld Menu (Quick Blitz Unavailable)

The most common mistake when melding new Command Skills is, by far, not leveling up the Command Skill you’re planning to use as material to the appropriate level.

To solve this, all you need to do is equip the underleveled Command Skill and kill some Unversed to level them up:

Quick Blitz (Command Level Up Lv. 1 > Lv. 2

Just having a Command Skill equipped in your deck will automatically level them up even if you don’t use them in combat, so feel free to farm Unversed with other Command Skills.

Deck 1 (EXP Increased)

You don’t need to get some Command Skills to max level to be able to use them as materials in the Meld Menu. In general, this applies to Command Skills with low level caps.

Though just to be safe, we recommend getting your Command Skill to max level before using them as melding material.

Abilities Page

That way, you’ll also be able to obtain the Prize, Support, or Status Abilities attached to them permanently, if they have one.

Mistake #2: You Don’t Have A Duplicate Before Melding Certain Commands

Barrier Not Available For Melding (No Duplicate Available)

If you can’t use certain Command Skills as melding material even though they’re already at their max level, then try obtaining a duplicate of that skill.

In most cases, this applies to Action Commands such as Block, Slide, or Jump, as the game won’t allow you to leave your character without these commands equipped.

To bypass this problem, you’ll need to equip the duplicate first—then use the Command Skill you’ve replaced as melding material.

Barrier (Command Shop)

Feel free to buy all the duplicates you need in the Command Shops, as they sell all kinds of low-tier Command Skills in exchange for Munny.

Mistake #3: There Is No Available Combination For The First Command Skill You Selected As Material

Thunder Surge (No Slot 2 Command Skill Available)

If you choose a Command Skill as your first melding material and you can’t pick a second melding material, it might mean that there are no further combinations to be made using that first material.

This applies to most skills with high level caps, as some of them are considered top-tier already, and therefore cannot be used as material to create new Command Skills.

If you want to know for certain that you can’t use a Command Skill as melding material any further, then you should collect all types of Command Skills and get them to max level.

Mistake #4: You’re Not Using The Correct Character

The Three MCs (Ventus, Terra, & Aqua)

One of the lesser-known facts about the melding mechanic is that some Command Skills can only be melded and used by a certain main character.

For example, here are the skills that can only be melded and used by Ventus, Terra, or Aqua:

Command Skill TypeCommand Skills Exclusive To VentusCommand Skills Exclusive To TerraCommand Skills Exclusive To Aqua
Attack CommandsTreasure Raid
Spark Raid
Wind Raid
Ars Arcanum
Tornado Strike
Meteor Crash
Dark Haze
Chaos Blade
Ars Solum
Brutal Blast
Limit Storm
Geo Impact
Magic Hour
Barrier Surge
Wishing Edge
Magic CommandsFaithTornadoDark Firaga
Triple Firaga
Triple Blizzaga
Thundaga Shot
Seeker Mine
Munny Magnet
D-link Magnet
Ice Barrage
Firaga Burst
Raging Storm
Action CommandsThunder Roll
Fire Glide
Payback Raid
Payback FangFirewheel
Renewal Barrier
Confuse Barrier
Stop Barrier
Payback Surge

Consider the information listed above when melding new Command Skills, as the character you’re currently using might not have access to the Command Skill you’re trying to get.

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