How To Get Blizzaga In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can get Blizzaga by combining either Blizzara, Blizzard, or Blizzard Edge with Blizzara in the Meld Menu.

Blizzaga is a Magic-type Command Skill that allows your character to launch a ball of ice toward their enemies from afar—potentially freezing them afterward.


  1. Obtaining Blizzaga Via Melding
  2. Alternative Sources For Blizzaga
  3. Best Abilities For Blizzaga
  4. Using Blizzaga In Combat

Obtaining Blizzaga Via Melding

You can obtain Blizzaga through melding  by using the following Command Skill combinations in the Meld Menu:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillCharacter RestrictionMeld Chance
BlizzaraBlizzard EdgeBlizzagaTerraVentusAqua100%
Meld Menu (Blizzara + Blizzara + Secret Gem)

All three main characters can meld Blizzaga and use them in battle.

Melding Complete (Blizzaga With Air Combo Plus)

If you don’t have the materials required to meld Firaga, keep in mind that you can just buy them from the Command Shop!

Command Shop

The cheapest materials to buy out of all three possible Command Skill combinations in the Command Shop would be Blizzara (500 Munny) and Blizzard (100 Munny).

Alternative Sources For Blizzaga

Here, we can see all the other sources where you can get Blizzaga aside from melding.

Source #1: Command Shop

Command Shop (Blizzaga)

You can purchase Blizzaga straight from the Command Shop for 1,200 Munny after either clearing the storylines of eight worlds or getting a copy of Blizzaga via melding or from other alternative sources.

Source #2: Ice Cream Beat Minigame

You can get Blizzaga as a reward for beating the Ice Cream Beat minigame in the Main Plaza area of Disney Town:

World Map (Disney Town > Main Plaza)

Once you’re in the Main Plaza, all you have to do is find Dewey (one of the duckling triplets dressed in blue) and talk to him to participate in the Ice Cream Beat minigame.

Next, select the Hand in Hand song, which you can only unlock after clearing all the other songs before it.

Ice Cream Beat Minigame (Hand In Hand)

After selecting Hand in Hand, make sure to select the Master level, as you can only get Blizzaga as a reward by clearing the minigame at this difficulty level.

Ice Cream Beat (Level Selection)

Next, try to get a score of “Fantastic” to finally get Blizzaga as a one-time reward. The reward will be replaced by Mega Potion once you’ve obtained Blizzaga.

Ice Cream Beat Minigame – Master (Gameplay)

Source #3: Blue Sea Salt (Unversed)

Blue Sea Salt (Unversed Report)

You can get Blizzaga as a droppable item by killing an Unversed known as Blue Sea Salt at a 0.6% drop rate at Shop LV. 7 and 8.

You can find several camps of Blue Sea Salts anywhere around the world map, but the best place to farm them would be the Radiant Garden, where you can also farm several other types of Unversed alongside them.

Source #4: Command Board (Toon Board)

You can get Blizzaga by accessing the Command Board from your Menu and choosing the Toon Board:

Toon Board (Board Preview)

Unfortunately, there are no Bonus Panels in any Command Board that you can get Blizzaga from, unlike Firaga  or Thundaga.

Instead, you’ll have to steal Blizzaga from Minnie in the Toon Board by purchasing it once she has attached it to a panel:

Minnie’s Stats (Command Cards – Blizzaga Highlighted)

Source #5: D-Link (Donald)

Donald’s D-Link (Blizzaga Highlighted)

You can get access to one copy of Blizzaga from Donald’s D-Link, which he automatically unlocks even if his D-Link is at Lv. 0.

Best Abilities For Blizzaga

Menu (Abilities)

The two abilities that will improve Blizzaga’s performance in combat the most would be Magic Haste  (decreases Reload Time for all Magic-type commands) and Blizzard Boost (increases all Blizzard-type damage).

You can get Magic Haste by farming and using Fleeting Crystals as the Synthesis material while melding certain Command Skills, and Shimmering Crystals for Blizzard Boost.

Using Blizzaga In Combat

Blizzaga (Command Description)

Blizzaga allows your character to fire a large chunk of ice from their keyblade—potentially inflicting Freeze on the enemies it passes through and preventing them from taking any action.

Max LevelLevel 4
Reload Time15 seconds
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill35%
Blizzaga In Combat

Blizzaga is a good substitute to use when you don’t have better Blizzard-type commands you can equip on your deck. It deals quite a lot of damage and can even inflict a debuff on non-resistant enemies.

Try to get Blizzaga as soon as you can, as it can be used as material for other top-tier Blizzard-type commands such as Triple Blizzaga  or Deep Freeze.

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