Where can I Find Blitz In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The best way to get Blitz is to Meld two existing Command Skills together in the Meld Menu.

You can also farm them from a group of Unversed called “Sonic Blasters”, which spawn in Deep Space.

Melding Blitz Using Existing Commands

Blitz can be produced by melding various commands together. The easiest ones to get are “Slot Edge” and “Quick Blitz”—both of which are available in the Command Shop.

Meld Menu (Slot Edge + Quick Blitz + Abounding Crystal)

Meld Option 1
Meld Option 2Meld Result (%)Character Restriction
Quick BlitzSlot EdgeBlitz (90%) – Ventus
– Terra
– Aqua
Barrier SurgeWishing EdgeBlitz (90%) – Aqua
Stun EdgeSlot EdgeBlitz (90%) – Ventus
– Terra
– Aqua

Most of these materials are very easy to acquire, especially once you progress further in the story.

You can even purchase most of them from the Mirage Arena Medal Shop or the Command Shop, so don’t hesitate to meld them for Blitz!

Melding Complete (Blitz with Lucky Strike)

Farming Blitz From The Unversed (Sonic Blasters)

If you have time for some farming, you can also loot Blitz from Sonic Blasters, which are the only Unversed in the game that drop them.

You can get up to a 5% drop rate for Blitz from Sonic Blasters at Shop Levels 7-8.

Deep Space (Control Room)

Needless to say, you’re going to need to do a lot of grinding if you want several copies of this Command Skill.

Sonic Blasters are located all over the Deep Space map, so you don’t really need to find a specific zone to farm them.

How To Beat Sonic Blasters

Sonic Blasters are a bit tricky to farm, as they both have decent HP and a good moveset.

The best way to kill them quickly is to either spam aerial attacks or blast them from afar with AoE Command Skills, as they often spawn with other Sonic Blasters or any other Unversed.

Sonic Blaster (Highlighted)
Stat TypesSonic Blaster Stats
Physical Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Fire Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Blizzard Weaknessx1.25 (Weak)
Thunder Weaknessx1.25 (Weak)
Dark Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)

Sonic Blasters are weak against Blizzard and Thunder, so make sure you’re using these two elements when farming them.

Sonic Blaster (Report Page)
Sonic Blaster MovesetAttack TypeDescription
Energy SpinMeleeStrikes the player with its tail.
Energy ShotRangedTargets the player, locks in, then shoots a guided laser from its tail.
LaserRangedShoots the player with a laser.
WarpMovementTeleports to a nearby location.

Sonic Blasters can be easy to eliminate when they’re alone, but we still recommend killing them as fast as you can so they can’t teleport away from the battle.

Using Blitz

Blitz is a solid Command Skill on its own, but the main reason why players should get it is that it’s used as a material in some of the best offensive Command Skills in the game.

Blitz (Command Description)

Blitz allows you to string combos together by pressing “” at the right times repeatedly.

Blitz (In-Combat)

It executes an overhead attack that reaches most airborne opponents and is perfect for mowing down groups of Unversed—provided you can execute the combo uninterrupted.

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