How To Activate Bladecharge In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Bladecharge is a Command Style exclusive to Aqua and Terra, and can only be unlocked and activated after getting to specific points in their story.

You can activate Bladecharge by using either Blizzard-type, Fire-type, or Strike-type commands consecutively during combat.


  1. Unlocking Bladecharge For Aqua
  2. Unlocking Bladecharge For Terra
  3. How To Activate Blade Charge In Combat

Unlocking Bladecharge For Aqua

To unlock Bladecharge for Aqua, you must first go to the Mirage Arena and play a New Event via Arena Mode.

World Map (Mirage Arena)

In the Arena Mode, select Combined Threat. This is the stage that you’ll need to clear to unlock Bladecharge for Aqua permanently:

Arena Mode (Combined Threat)

Combined Threat has six rounds in total, and in the final round, you’ll have to face a boss called the Trinity Armor:

RoundsSpawned Opponents
Round 1x6 Red Hot Chilix3 Sonic Blasterx5 Tank Topplerx6 Scrapper
Round 2x1 Chrono Twisterx3 Sonic Blasterx8 Bruiserx9 Vile Phial
Round 3x11 Floodx4 Tank Topplerx6 Blue Sea Saltx3 Chrono Twister
Round 4x4 Sonic Blasterx6 Mandrakex11 Shoegazerx6 Bruiser
Round 5x4 Monotruckerx7 Yellow Mustardx3 Chrono Twisterx8 Tank Toppler
Round 6x1 Trinity Armor
Combined Threat (Trinity Armor)

After defeating Trinity Armor in the 6th round, you’ll unlock Bladecharge as a reward.

To beat this boss, you’ll have to focus your attacks on its limbs first, taking away its mobility so you can move on to attacking its torso to finish the battle.

Unlocking Bladecharge For Terra

World Map (Never Land)

To unlock Bladecharge for Terra, you’ll need to go to Never Land by following Terra’s storyline.

Peter Pan VS Terra (Pre-Fight Cutscene)

After arriving in Never Land, the story will lead you to cross paths with Peter Pan, whom you’ll have to fight because of a misunderstanding.

Peter Pan & Terra (Post-Fight Cutscene)

After the fight is over and the misunderstanding has been cleared up, you’ll automatically unlock Bladecharge as well as Peter Pan’s D-Link .

How To Activate Blade Charge In Combat

Command Styles (Bladecharge)

To activate Blade Charge mid-combat, all you have to do is keep using any Fire-type, Blizzard-type, or Strike-type commands one after the other, which will charge the Command Style gauge.

Bladecharge’s finisher can be activated once the Command Style gauge has been fully charged three times.

Bladecharge In Combat

Using Bladecharge’s finisher, you’ll be able to spin a massive sword of light on top of your character—heavily damaging all enemies nearby.

For further clarification, the sequence leading to Bladecharge’s activation in combat should be as follows:

1st Step: Use Fire/Blizzard/Strike-type commands to activate Fire Storm or Diamond Dust.

2nd Step: Use Fire/Blizzard/Strike-type commands or use basic attacks while Fire Storm or Diamond Dust is active to activate Bladecharge.

3rd Step: Use Fire/Blizzard/Strike-type commands or use basic attacks while Bladecharge is active to activate Bladecharge’s finisher.

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