Where To Find Axe Flappers In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can encounter Axe Flappers as soon as you arrive in the Olympus Coliseum, although farming them from the Mirage Arena instead would be ideal.

Axe Flappers usually come in groups and have no elemental weaknesses. Attacking them with good, long-range AoE Command Skills should be your primary strategy if you want to farm them efficiently.


Where To Find Axe Flappers

There are two places where you can find Axe Flappers. The first location is the Olympus Coliseum, while the second location is the Mirage Arena.

Location #1: Olympus Coliseum

To encounter a large group of Axe Flappers, you must visit the Olympus Coliseum for the first time by following any of the three main characters’ storylines.

World Map (Olympus Coliseum)

After arriving in the Olympus Coliseum for the first time, a short intro cutscene will play, which introduces you to an NPC named Hercules.

After a brief chat with Hercules, several mobs of Unversed will then spawn all around you. You must defeat these Unversed to progress the story.

Olympus Coliseum (Intro Cutscene)

Among the Unversed, there will be several Axe Flappers that will be spawning. They should all look like this:

Olympus Coliseum (Axe Flapper Highlighted)

After killing all the Axe Flappers you encounter in the Olympus Coliseum, however, you will not be able to encounter them again even if you go back to the Town Near Thebes—the area you fought them in before.

Hence, it will be better for you to farm them in the second location, which is the Mirage Arena.

Location #2: Mirage Arena

Considering Axe Flappers don’t spawn that often in any other location in the World Map, hunting them down in the Mirage Arena should be your best choice.

World Map (Mirage Arena)

Here’s a list of all the Events in the Mirage Arena where you can encounter Axe Flappers:

Events With Axe FlappersArena Level RequiredRounds Available & Number Of Axe Flappers
Wheels of MisfortuneNoneRound 3/3 (x5 Axe Flappers)
Harsh PunishmentArena Level 10Round 2/6 (x12 Axe Flappers)
Copycat CrisisArena Level 17Round 5/8 (x5 Axe Flappers)
Keepers of the ArenaArena Level 20Round 1/9 (x9 Axe Flappers)Round 6/9 (x3 Axe Flappers)
Monsters of the DeepArena Level 25Round 1/8 (x8 Axe Flappers)Round 3/8 (x4 Axe Flappers)Round 5/8 (x4 Axe Flappers)Round 7/8 (x4 Axe Flappers)
Arena Mode (Wheels Of Misfortune)

Not only will you be able to farm Axe Flappers consistently from the Events listed above, but you’ll also get Arena Medals if you farm them here!

Mirage Arena (Axe Flapper Highlighted)

If your goal is to farm Abounding Crystals  by killing Axe Flappers, you’ll be delighted to know that they can also be purchased in the Mirage Arena’s Medal Shop!

Axe Flappers (Stats, Item Drops, & Moveset)

Here’s everything you need to know about Axe Flappers, how to beat them, and what items you can get by farming them.

Axe Flapper Stats

Axe Flappers
Unversed Reports (Axe Flapper)

Stat-wise, Axe Flappers aren’t anything to be worried about, which is why you can farm them without much caution unless there’s a more powerful group of Unversed around.

Stat TypesAxe Flapper Stats
Physical Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Fire Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Blizzard Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Thunder Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Dark Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)

They have no weaknesses, but also no resistance against any element either, so feel free to use any Command Skill you want while dealing with them.

Axe Flapper Moveset

Axe Flapper (Full-Screen Mode)

Axe Flappers are airborne units that have both melee and ranged attacks.

Axe Flapper MovesetAttack TypeDescription
Rising SlashMeleeRecovers from a knocked-down state by spinning and relaunching itself in the air, damaging nearby units.
Wind CutterRangedFires waves of Aero towards the player from afar.

The best way to beat Axe Flappers is to either rush them with melee attacks before they can fire off their Wind Cutters or just annihilate them in one fell swoop by using a powerful AoE attack such as Mega Flare.

Axe Flapper Item Drops

Items (Abounding Crystal)

When it comes to item drops, the Axe Flappers are one of the best sources of Abounding Crystals alongside Mandrakes.

Items Dropped By Axe FlappersItem Drop ChanceRequired Shop Level
Abounding Crystals60%Shop Level 5Shop Level 6  
Stun Edge40%Shop Level 5Shop Level 6

Mandrakes, however, are better sources of Abounding Crystals as they spawn in many places around the World Map—particularly in the Radiant Garden where you can farm them in droves.

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