How To Get Auto Counter & Haste In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can get Haste and Auto Counter by unlocking Ventus as one of your D-Link characters  after clearing the Mark of Mastery exam.

Auto Counter allows you to retaliate to attacks that send you flying automatically as long as Ventus’s D-Link is active, while Haste increases your character’s attack and movement speed.


  1. How To Get Auto Counter
  2. Using Auto Counter In Combat

How To Get Auto Counter

You can only get Auto Counter and Haste by playing as either Aqua or Terra.

Select A Character (Aqua)

You cannot use this Skill Set if you pick Ventus as your character in the “Select A Character” screen at the start of the game.

Aqua (Mark Of Mastery Exam)

To unlock Ventus as a D-Link character for Aqua and Terra, you must first clear the Mark of Mastery exam conducted right after you pick them in the character selection screen.

Here, you must destroy the orbs of light that will appear after the tutorial and a brief story cutscene.

D-Links (Ventus)

You don’t unlock both skills right away, however, as you still need to level up Ventus’s D-Link to Level 1 for Haste and Level 2 for Auto Counter.

You can level up Ventus’s D-Link, by activating it as often as you can during combat.

The more monsters you defeat using Ventus’ D-Link Battle Commands, the faster you’ll be able to level up Ventus’s D-Link and unlock Auto Counter.

Aqua (Ventus D-Link Activated)

Every time you use Ventus’s D-link and kill enemies, there is a chance that a flower-shaped Emblem (as shown in the image below) will appear above your character. Getting these Emblems will level up the D-Link you’re currently using.

In a nutshell, all you have to do is collect two of these flower-shaped Emblems to get Haste and Auto Counter, respectively:

Help System (Emblem)

Using Auto Counter & Haste In Combat

Haste boosts your character’s movement speed and attack speed, allowing you to move and string normal attack combos together faster.

Auto Counter, on the other hand, lets your character respond with a counterattack every time you are knocked away by an enemy.

Ventus D-link In Combat

Auto Counter is a good skill to have when you’re fighting bosses or large monsters that can knock you away, but if you’re going against multiple small enemies, using Auto Block  instead would be ideal.

Both Auto Counter and Haste will deactivate once you Revert Ventus’s D-Link or if your D-Link Gauge depletes.

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