How To Get Ars Solum In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

To get Ars Solum, you’ll need to combine certain Command Skills like Dark Haze and Stopga via melding.

Ars Solum is Terra’s exclusive ultimate skill and is among the most powerful single-target Attack-type Command Skills in the game.


  1. Obtaining Ars Solum
  2. Best Abilities For Ars Solum
  3. Using Ars Solum In Combat

Obtaining Ars Solum

To obtain Ars Solum via melding, you’ll need to use any of the following Command Skill combinations:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Sonic BladeStopgaArs Solum20%
Dark HazeStopgaArs Solum20%
Dark HazeSonic BladeArs Solum20%
Strike RaidThunderArs Solum5%
Strike RaidThundaraArs Solum5%
Sliding DashThunderArs Solum5%
Confusion StrikeThundaraArs Solum5%
Meld Menu (Dark Haze + Sonic Blade + Secret Gem)

Ars Solumis considered a rare command, which means you only have a limited chance (up to 20% max) of obtaining it when melding.

We recommend taking advantage of savestates while melding Ars Solum, as it may take you a lot of tries before you get it.

Also, keep in mind that only Terra can meld Ars Solum, as it is his exclusive Command Skill. Ventus and Aqua cannot meld, equip, or use this skill in combat.

Ars Solum
Rare Command Obtained (Ars Solum With Reload Boost)

You can buy every material Command Skill required to meld Ars Solum from any Command Shop.

Command Shop

For instance, you can purchase Dark Haze for 1,100 Munny and Stopga for 1,200 Munny from the Command Shops.

This combination is the cheapest out of all the seven, so buy them if you already have these two unlocked.

Best Abilities For Ars Solum

Menu (Abilities)

For Ars Solum, the ability you need to get the most to improve its performance in battle is Attack Haste, as it lowers Ars Solum’s long Reload Time.

To get Attack Haste, you need to farm and use Fleeting Crystals  as your Synthesis material when melding certain Command Skills in the Meld Menu.

Using Ars Solum In Combat

Ars Solum (Command Description)

Ars Solum is Terra’s most powerful single-target Command Skill.

It allows him to perform a string of high-damage combos, which can be extended by pressing “” in your controller as a QTE.

ParametersArs Solum
Max LevelLevel 6
Reload Time25 seconds
Slots Taken2 slots
Command Gauge Refill6% (per hit)
Ars Solum In Combat

Ars Solum is one of—if not the best Command Skill to use against high-HP mobs or bosses, as it has a short casting time and tons of damage to go along with it.

You don’t even have to time your QTEs! All you have to do is spam the “” button and the combo will be executed to the end.

Just make sure you don’t miss your enemies with Ars Solum, as you can still be punished while using it if you’re not careful.

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