How To Get Aerial Slam In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can get Aerial Slam by combining certain Command Skills such as Fire Dash and High Jump in the Meld Menu. You can also buy a copy of it from the Command Shop.

Aerial Slam allows your characters to send their enemies flying, then send them back down with an additional aerial attack.


  1. Obtaining Aerial Slam
  2. Best Abilities For Aerial Slam
  3. Using Aerial Slam In Combat

Obtaining Aerial Slam

To obtain Aerial Slam via melding, you’ll need to use the following Command Skill combinations:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Fire StrikeAeroraAerial Slam90%
Fire SurgeAeroAerial Slam100%
Fire DashHigh JumpAerial Slam100%
Meld Menu (Fire Surge + Aero + Secret Gem)

All three main characters can use this Command Skill, so feel free to meld Aerial Slam no matter which character you’re playing!

Melding Complete (Aerial Slam With Link Prize Plus)

You can get all of the materials required to create Aerial Slam by purchasing them from the Command Shop.

Command Shop

For instance, you can buy High Jump for 150 Munny and Fire Dash for 500 Munny. These two would be the cheapest combination to buy out of all three possible combinations, so make sure to prioritize them!

Command Shop (Aerial Slam)

Alternatively, you can just buy a copy of Aerial Slam from the Command Shop for 1,500 Munny.

This would cost you more compared to if you were just to buy the materials and meld them, but it would be more convenient since you won’t have to level up any materials this way.

Best Abilities For Aerial Slam

Menu (Abilities)

The two best abilities we recommend you get to boost Aerial Slam’s performance in battle would be Attack Haste and Air Combo Plus.

Attack Haste will lower Aerial Slam’s Reload Time which allows you to spam it more often, while Air Combo Plus will increase your max aerial combos for more damage.

You can get Attack Haste by farming and using Fleeting Crystals  as your Synthesis material while melding certain commands, and Wellspring Crystals  for Air Combo Plus.

Using Aerial Slam In Combat

Aerial Slam (Command Description)

Aerial Slam allows all three main characters to send their opponents into the air with one vicious up smash, then send them back down with a follow-up attack.

ParametersAerial Slam
Max LevelLevel 4
Reload Time20 seconds
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill15%
Aerial Slam In Combat

Aerial Slam is a solid offensive Command Skill that’s perfect for setting your enemies up for aerial combos.

It’s useful when you’re going against tougher mobs, but do keep in mind that it might not be as effective against bosses, as most of them are immune to knock-ups.

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