How To Get Collision Magnet In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can get Collision Magnet by melding certain command Skills such as Magnera and Quick Blitz. Collision Magnet allows your character to pull a single enemy towards them, then throw them violently onto nearby enemies.


Obtaining Collision Magnet Via Melding

To obtain Collision Magnet via melding, you’ll have to use the following Command Skill combinations:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillCharacter RestrictionMeld Chance
MagnetZero GraviraCollision MagnetTerra
MagneraStun EdgeCollision MagnetTerra
MagneraQuick BlitzCollision MagnetTerra
Meld Menu (Stun Edge + Magnera + Secret Gem)

All three main characters can meld Collision Magnet using the Command Skill combinations listed above.

Melding Complete (Collision Magnet With Lucky Strike)

If you don’t have any of the materials required to meld Collision Magnet, however, you can just buy them from the Command Shop.

Command Shop

The cheapest materials to buy from the Command Shop would be Magnera (550 Munny) and Quick Blitz (100 Munny).

Alternative Sources For Collision Magnet

Listed below are all the other sources of Collision Magnet, aside from melding it.

Source #1: Command Shop

Command Shop (Collision Magnet)

You can buy Collision Magnet straight out of the Command Shop for 1,300 Munny once you get one copy of it either via melding or from the other alternative sources listed below.

Source #2: Triple Wrecker (Unversed)

Triple Wrecker (Unversed Report)

Collision Magnet has a 5% chance of dropping after killing an Unversed called Triple Wrecker[1] .

The best world to farm Triple Wreckers is in Never Land, where they spawn in droves.

Source #3: Sticker Album (Ventus)

Sticker Album Collection

You can also get a free copy of Collision Magnet only as Ventus by collecting as many Stickers as you can for more Album points.

Collision Magnet Obtained At 80 Points (Highlighted)

You need 80 Points to get Collision Magnet, but you can only get Collision Magnet here once.

Source #4: Spaceship Board

You can get Collision Magnet by playing the Command Board from your Menu, then selecting the Spaceship Board:

Spaceship Board (Board Preview)

Next, you’ll have to get to the panel highlighted in the image below to receive Collision Magnet at the end of the game:

Bonus Panel With Collision Magnet (Highlighted)

Best Abilities For Collision Magnet

Menu (Abilities)

The best ability you can get for Collision Magnet is Attack Haste , as it reduces the Reload Time of all your Attack-type Command Skills.

To get Attack Haste, you must farm and use Fleeting Crystals  as your Synthesis material when melding certain Command Skills.

Using Collision Magnet In Combat

Collision Magnet (Command Description)

Collision Magnet allows your character to pull one enemy towards them, then send them flying towards other enemies nearby.

ParametersTime Splicer
Max LevelLevel 4
Reload Time20 seconds
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill25%
Collision Magnet In Combat

While it does deal quite a lot of damage, Collision Magnet doesn’t really excel when it comes to either boss fights or farming regular mobs.

It has limited range and is slower to execute than most other AoE Command Skills, although you can still use it as a decent stopgap skill for when you don’t have anything better.

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