How to Beat Trainer Tower’s Knockout Mode in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Knockout Mode is the third challenge available in Trainer Tower. While it can be difficult, you can surely make your way to the top by strategizing well with the Pokémon you bring for battle. Read up on the guide below to ensure that victory.

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Knockout Mode Challenge

Knockout Mode is one of the challenges you can undertake in Trainer Tower in no particular order. With Knockout Mode, you encounter three consecutive single battles per floor with no breaks in between.

Knockout Mode

Each trainer has one Pokémon as your opponent, and the key to winning is pacing out your Pokémon in each of the battles as they come one after the other, leaving you with no time to heal up in between.

These trainers don’t have any preference for Pokémon type advantages, so the guide below will recommend a variety of Pokémon you can bring to effectively deal with your opponents. The strategy for success is to make use of skill and stat advantages alongside move effectivity. As always, any recommendations here are just suggestions and you can always bring Pokémon you’re more comfortable with depending on your playstyle.

With that, ready your roster, stock up on items and save your game before heading to the first floor!

Floor 1

As mentioned, each floor has three trainers for you to face. Floor 1 has Biker Jody with a Magby, Biker Ernest with a Togepi and Cue Ball Gabriel with a Smoochum, in that order.

One thing that can be observed with your Floor 1 opponents is that they are all baby Pokémon. This means that their stats aren’t fully developed yet, which can be a huge advantage for you.

First up is Magby, a Fire-type Pokémon. You can bring a Water-type Pokémon to easily deal with Magby. Its Speed stat is decent, but its lowest stat is Defense, so it should go down fairly quickly.

Almost immediately after beating Biker Jody, you get thrust into your next battle with Biker Ernest and his Togepi, another baby Pokémon.

Togepi has worse stats than Magby across the board, with the exception of its Defense and Special Defense. It’s a Fairy-type Pokémon, so Poison and Steel-types work best against it. Still, you can make use of your Water-type Pokémon to deal some heavy damage with Togepi, just make sure it has a good Special Attack stat. Otherwise, use a Pokémon with a decent and powerful move set.

Up next is the last trainer, Cue Ball Gabriel with its Smoochum, a part-Ice and part-Psychic Pokémon.

Watch out for its Special Attack stat as it’s considerably higher than average. It has a pretty low HP though. Depending on its level, it can use the move Perish Song, which automatically knocks out both Pokémon in battle in three turns. Make sure you switch out your Pokémon before the third turn to nullify it.

If you have any of these type advantages in your party, specifically Bug, Rock, Ghost, Fire, Dark and Steel Pokémon, you can use them to your advantage against Smoochum as its weak to all these types. If not, hit it with your Pokémon with a high-Attack stat and it should go down fast.

After that last battle, take a breather and heal your Pokémon. Save up before going up to the next floor.

Floor 2

Be prepared with your next set of battles for this round. We have Hiker Mike with a Charizard, Crush Girl Rebecca with a Flareon and Black Belt Nicolas with a Poliwrath coming up one after the other.

Charizard is up first for this round. It is known for its Speed and high Special Attack stat, which makes it go first in every turn, with Fire-type moves almost double in power.

If you did bring that Water-type Pokémon from Floor 1, or any Pokémon with a Water-type move, now’s the time to use its type and elemental advantage against Charizard. Other Pokémon with type advantages against Charizard are Electric-type Pokémon (due to Charizard being part-Flying), and Rock Pokémon.

Once you’ve taken care of Charizard, the second trainer comes forward with its Flareon.

Like Charizard, Flareon is a Fire-type Pokémon, and its key stats are its high Attack and Special Defense.

Use a Water-type move again to make quick work of Flareon.

Lastly, you get Poliwrath from your final opponent. Poliwrath is a part-Water and part-Fighting type Pokémon with average stats.

If you have an Electric-type Pokémon that dealt with Charizard from a while ago, make use of them against Poliwrath. Fighting Pokémon also work best against it.

Eventually, Poliwrath should also succumb to defeat, and the three trainers will give you room to pass. Heal up and save before proceeding to the next floor.

Floor 3

Get ready as you have three strong Pokémon up next. Picnicker Camryn has a Miltank as your first opponent, followed up Aroma Lady Natalia’s Vileplume, and lastly, Cooltrainer Kathleen’s Lapras.

Miltank is up first. It’s a Normal-type Pokémon with a better-than-average HP, Defense and Speed stat, which makes it an all-rounder. Watch out for its move Rollout and Body Slam. Regardless of level, those moves deal a lot of damage and can instantly KO your Pokémon.

The only type with an advantage against Normal Pokémon is Fighting-type Pokémon, so if you have one in your party, have them use their fighting attacks against Miltank. If not, your best bet is to have a Pokémon with a high enough Attack/Special Attack and Defense stat to slowly but surely wear down Milktank’s HP, while at the same time minding your own.

Once Miltank is defeated, Aroma Lady’s Vileplume is next.

Vileplume is pretty slow, but it makes up for it through its powerful Grass and Poison-type moves thanks to its high Special Attack stat. Look out for its moves that can inflict Poison – you need to set aside a turn to heal this as you get straight into the next battle after this one.

Flying, Psychic and Fire-type Pokémon work best against Vileplume. Make you sure you defeat it before you get hit with its poison-inducing moves as you won’t have time to heal up before your next battle.

Last for this round is the next trainer’s Lapras.

Lapras has a really high HP, which means it takes a long time before it faints. Coupled with an above average Special Defense skill, Lapras can take some hits before it will go down.

Bring an Electric, Grass, Fighting or Rock-type Pokémon to deal heavy damage against Lapras. Eventually, you should prevail.

The three trainers should make way for you to proceed to the next floor. Don’t forget to heal your party and save before continuing.

Floor 4

You’re already halfway there! This floor has Sailor Brennan with a Chansey, Fisherman Kaden with a Seaking and Gentleman Emanuel with a Vaporeon ready for you to challenge.

Chansey is your first opponent and it comes with a ton of HP and a decent Special Defense stat. Depending on its level, it might also recover some HP after each turn.

The rest of its stats are pretty mediocre, with Attack and Defense at a whopping low 5 points at base. You can use any Pokémon with a high Attack stat to wear down Chansey.

Once you’re done with Chansey, Fisherman Kaden’s shiny Seaking is up next.

Seaking has average numbers in all the key stats except for its decent Attack stat.

If you have an Electric or Grass-type Pokémon in your party, use their elemental moves to easily defeat Seaking.

Last is Vaporeon for this round. It’s another Eevee evolution this time a Water-type one. It’s part-Water and part-Ice, so avoid bringing out Pokémon with a weakness to these elements.

It has a good amount of HP like Chansey, as well as a strong Special Attack and Special Defense stat. Try not to use Fire, Steel nor Ice-type Pokémon as Vaporeon’s moves will be most effective against them. If you have the Electric or Grass Pokémon that you used against Seaking, bring them back once more to make quick work of Vaporeon.

With Vaporeon fainted, that should clear you of Floor 4. Save up and heal again to continue to the next round.

Floor 5

Floor 5 has the complete Nidoran evolution forms. Beauty Maura has a female Nidoran, Lass Mikaela a Nidorina and Engineer Flint with a Nidoqueen.

Starting off with the first form in their evolution tree, you’re up against female Nidoran. It’s a Poison-type Pokémon and has the ability Poison Point. Moves with physical contact will automatically inflict poison on your Pokémon, so be on guard for that.

Nidoran’s stats aren’t too good and it goes down pretty quickly against Ground and Psychic Pokémon. If you don’t have these in your party, you can opt to use a Pokémon with a decent enough Attack against it as it shouldn’t prove to be a challenge.

After Nidoran comes the second trainer’s Nidorina. Nidorina has improved stats than its predecessor but it’s still less than average. Again, watch out for its poison-inducing move set.

Use the same technique you have done with Nidoran to take Nidorina out of the game.

Last but definitely not the least is female Nidoran’s final form, Nidoqueen. Nidoqueen’s Attack is pretty high so aside from its Poison-type moves, be wary of its powerful attack move set. This Nidoqueen also has the HM move Surf in its arsenal.

If you have the Water-type Pokémon you used back on the previous floors, use them to your advantage against Nidoqueen as it’s now a part-Ground type Pokémon.

Feel free to adjust your tactics to what works best until you prevail against these three trainers for this round. Heal up and save once more before proceeding.

Floor 6

This next floor has some unique Johto-native Pokémon such as Rocker Ben’s Ampharos, Engineer Camden’s Granbull and Scientist Zackery’s Misdreavus.

Ampharos, the Electric-type Pokémon, is your first opponent for this round.

Its key stat is its high Special Attack, which makes its electric moves powerful enough to KO your Pokémon. It also has some Fighting moves that can deal hefty damage.

If you have Ground-type Pokémon in your roster, bring them out as Ground Pokémon usually nullify Ampharos’ electricity damage. Not to mention that only Ground-type moves have a type advantage against Electric Pokémon.

If you don’t have Ground Pokémon, Ampharos should go down after a few turns so long as you keep hitting it with a good move from a Pokémon with a high Attack stat. After Ampharos, Engineer Camden’s Granbull is next.

Granbull is Fairy-type Pokémon with a high Attack skill, causing its physical moves to deal greater damage. Depending on your Granbull’s level, it can also bring out the powerful move Earthquake which can easily KO your Pokémon.

It’s weak against Poison and Steel Pokémon, so use them if they’re available. Otherwise, it’s a pretty slow Pokémon with average defenses, so bringing a Pokémon with a decent Attack stat should wear Granbull down eventually.

The last Pokémon for this round is the Ghost-type Pokémon Misdreavus. Fair warning that physical attack moves do not affect Ghost Pokémon, so try not to bring Normal, Fighting and Ground Pokémon in this battle. It also has the move Psychic, so avoid bringing Pokémon weak against this type.

Only Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon have a type advantage against it, but you can also have Pokémon such as Fire, Water or Grass-types to use their elemental moves to deal sufficient damage against Misdreavus until it faints.

Like the other floors, victory shouldn’t be far at hand so long as you strategize well and heal in between turns. The losing opponents should let you pass through to continue on to the next floor.

Floor 7

Floor 7 is home to mostly Water-type Pokémon, which can be a good thing if you have an Electric or Grass-type Pokémon with you. You have a Goldeen from Tuber Prsicilla, a Qwilfish from Lady Charlotte and a Mantine from Swimmer Shania as your opponents for this round.

First up for this round is Goldeen. It has average stats except for HP, Special Attack and Special Defense which are lower than average, so this should be a relatively easier fight.

As mentioned, Electric or Grass-type Pokémon work best against Goldeen, so use them to your advantage to easily win the battle.

Qwilfish and its trainer immediately comes next after Goldeen goes down.

This time, Qwilfish is part-Poison, part-Water Pokémon, so keep an eye out on those poison-inducing moves.

It has a pretty low Special Defense stat, so a good hit of an elemental move from your Electric or Grass Pokémon should easily knock Qwilfish out.

Lastly, you have Mantine as your final opponent. The only noticeable stat from Mantine is its high Special Defense, so instead of a one-hit KO from your elemental move, it might take a couple of tries before it faints.

Electric-type Pokémon will deal four times the damage here as Mantine is also a part-Flying Pokémon in addition to being a Water Pokémon. With this in mind, keep spamming Thundershocks or Thunderbolts to easily down Mantine.

The trainers will give way after you’ve defeated them. Heal up, save and do all you need to prepare to take on the last round!

Floor 8

Finally, the last round! You have all three elemental types in your opponents for this floor – Water, Fire and Grass. Pokémon Ranger Chelsea has a Starmie, Pokémon Ranger Trenton has an Arcanine and Cooltrainer Albert has a Venusaur for you to challenge before you reach the topmost floor.

Starting the round is Starmie, a Water and Psychic Pokémon. Starmie could be difficult, as it has a really high Speed stat, ensuring it will almost always get the first hit in every turn. Not to mention its Special Attack which can instantly knock your Pokémon out of the running.

The good news is that there are a lot of Pokémon that have type advantages you can bring out against Starmie. Electric, Grass, Bug, Ghost and Dark Pokémon work best against it. Be sure to have stocked up on healing items to ensure these Pokémon don’t’ die out on you before you beat Starmie.

After some patience, Starmie should go down, only to be followed by the next trainer’s Arcanine, a Fire-type Pokémon.

Arcanine has decent stats across the board. You can bring out a Water or Ground-type Pokémon to easily deal with Arcanine, but watch out for its move Roar which can switch out your Pokémon for one weaker than Arcanine.

Like Starmie, keep spamming your elemental moves with type advantage to wear down Arcanine until it faints. Lastly, you have Venusaur, the Grass-type Pokémon as your final opponent.

Venusaur has a high Special Attack which means its Grass-type moves will be twice as powerful. It also has remarkable defenses against elemental moves thanks to its high Special Defense stat, so it might take some time to beat Venusaur, even with a type advantage.

Fire, Ice, Flying and Psychic Pokémon are best to use against Venusaur. Slowly but surely wear down Venusaur’s HP with your moves until you prevail.

With that, you have beaten all of the trainers from all the floors for this challenge! Save and head up to the topmost floor to claim your prize!

Prize: Metal Coat

Climb on up the rooftop to talk to the owner of Trainer Tower. He congratulates you for powering through all those floors to reach the top.

He then hands you a Metal Coat as your prize, and depending on your time, encourages you to complete the challenge with better records.

The Metal Coat is a rare item intended to be held by Pokémon. When held, it ups the power of Steel-type moves by 20%.

Give it to Onyx and Scyther to evolve them into Steelix and Scizor respectively when traded.

Now that you’re done with Knockout Mode, check out these articles on the Single and Double challenges if you haven’t beaten those yet. Up next, beating Trainer Tower’s Mixed mode!

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