The Top 5 Best Poison-Type Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Despite their name, Poison Pokémon aren’t all out toxic. Poison-types can be pretty useful, provided that you know which ones are excellent in their game to warrant a spot in your Pokémon party. Don’t know if there are any good Poison Pokémon out there? Read up on our list below to change your mind!

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First up on our list, in no particular order, is Venomoth, a part-Bug and part-Poison type Pokémon.

Venomoth evolves from Venonat at Level 31. It has no later evolutions so far.

Venomoth makes the list thanks to its above average Special Attack and Speed stat. Its other stats might need improvement, but unless you’re battling with a really quick opponent, Venonat is most likely going to take first turn in each battle thanks to its speed.

Its move set is also well-rounded, with key Poison-type moves such as Poisonpowder and Toxic. It also gets some Psychic moves as it levels up – Psybeam and Psychic are learned at Level 36 and Level 52 respectively. Thanks to its high special Attack, these moves can deal hefty damage against any opponent and type.

It’s also accessible early on in the games, since Venonat can be caught in the wild.


Weezing is next in our list of recommended Poison Pokémon.

Weezing evolves from Koffing upon reaching Level 35. It doesn’t evolve any further, nor does it have a baby Pokémon form.

While you can get Weezing by evolving your Koffing found in the wild, you can also catch Weezing on its own in Cinnabar Island’s Pokémon Mansion.

Weezing has great stats across the board, especially its Defenses, which earns its spot in our list. It’s strong enough to withstand damage and last long in battle, at the same time dealing hefty damage against foes, especially those weak with poison.

It also has a decent Poison-type move set. Koffing comes learned with Poison Gas and Smog, so it’s likely to carry over to Weezing’s moves. It then learns Selfdestruct at Level 17, and Sludge at Level 21.


Muk also makes our list of recommended Poison-type Pokémon in the region.

Muk evolves from Grimer when raised to level 38.

Muk’s HP, Attack and Special Defense are higher than average, which makes it a useful Poison Pokémon to add in your party. Its Defense and Special Attack trails behind though, and its Speed stat is considerably lacking. Some EV training (READ: What are EVs and how To Train for Them) might help to make it more well-rounded.

Muk also learns some powerful Poison-type moves as it levels up – Acid Armor is learned at Level 34, while Sludge Bomb which deals a whopping 90 damage with a 100% accuracy, is learned at Level 47.

Take note though that Muk can only be caught in the wild in the LeafGreen version of the games, as it can be found in Cinnabar Island’s Pokémon Mansion. For FireRed, you need to catch a Grimer first and level it up to get Muk.


Our list of best Poison-types will not be complete without Vileplume, a part-Grass, part-Poison Pokémon.

Vileplume’s evolution stages start at Oddish, which then evolves into Gloom at Level 21. Gloom will then evolve anytime into Vileplume so long as a Leaf Stone is used. Otherwise, Gloom evolves into Bellossom (READ: How to Get Bellossom in Pokémon FRLG).

Vileplume excels in Special Attack. This means its Grass and Poison-type moves are given a power-up. Its other stats are also above average. Having decent defenses means it’s highly likely to survive elemental attacks it is otherwise weak, like Fire or Flying.

One thing to note though is that Vileplume’s original move set is mostly Grass, although it can learn PoisonPowder and Acid from its previous evolutions, as well as Poison-specific TM moves like Toxic and Sludge Bomb.

Vileplume and all its former evolutions are FireRed exclusives too, so if you’re playing on LeafGreen, you would need to trade for either one of them to get Vileplume in your game.


Last but not the least, we have Tentacruel, a part-Water, part-Poison type Pokémon.

Tentacruel evolves from Tentacool at Level 30. 

Both Pokémon can be found in the wild in most bodies of water. For Tentacruel, you can find more of them along the waters of the Sevii Islands namely, Five Isle Meadow, Water Labyrinth and Water Path.

Tentacruel excels in its Special Defense and Speed. Unless you find a Pokémon faster than Tentacruel, it’s almost always going to be the first to attack in battle. Its defenses make it more resistant to enemy attacks, especially against moves that will otherwise knock it out in one hit, like Electric-type moves.

Like Vileplume, Tentacruel leans more to Water-type moves, although it comes with the Poison moves Acid and Poison Sting prior to evolution. That said, its secondary type can be pretty useful, even if you do keep Tentacruel in your party as your primary Water Pokémon.

In conclusion, Poison-type Pokémon can bring a lot to the table, especially the capacity to inflict Poison against its foes. Although some of its stats may need more work, having Poison Pokémon in your party is useful if your goal is to weaken enemies and not knock them out (e.g. catching legendaries). Want to know more about Poison Pokémon? Read up on our next article – All About Poison-type Pokémon!

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