The Top 5 Best Flying-Type Pokémon in FireRed and LeafGreen

Flying Pokémon are some of the most versatile Pokémon out there. Not only can they be a mixture of both Flying and another elemental type, making them twice as powerful, Flying Pokémon can also learn the very useful HM Move Fly. Not sure which Flying Pokémon you should keep in your party? Read more below!

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In no particular order, we are starting off strong with one of the legendary bird trio in the games, Zapdos.

Zapdos makes our list thanks to its excellent stats across the board, most notably its Special Attack stat.

Since most of its stats are excellent, having high Speed means Zapdos will almost always take the first turn in each battle. Coupled with an inflated Special Attack stat, all of its electric moves will be shockingly strong (get it?).

Aside from its electric moves, it has a pretty solid Flying-type move in the name of Drill Peck. It’s learned at Level 49, and since you meet Zapdos at Level 50, it should already come with the said move.

Zapdos can be found inside the Power Plant, on the outskirts of Cerulean City. So long as you have access to the HM move Surf, Zapdos can be caught anytime, which means you can get a pretty OP Flying Pokémon early enough in the game.

As mentioned, Zapdos is just one-third of the legendary bird trio in the game. Moltres and Articuno both have their merits as Flying-types too, but make the list of best Fire and Ice Pokémon, respectively (READ: Where and How to Catch Moltres). You can read more about catching Articuno here.


Up next on our list is Pidgeot.

Pidgeot evolves from Pidgeotto at Level 36, while Pidgeotto evolves from Pidgey at Level 18.

Pidgeot makes the cut thanks to its high Speed stat, and the fact that it’s the easiest to acquire among all the Pokémon in this list, since Pidgey can be caught early on in your journey.

While Pidgeot’s Flying move set can be a bit lacking (Gust, Whirlwind, Wing Attack), it’s a prime candidate to learn the HM Move Fly.

Having Fly in its moves can offset the lackluster attacks, since Fly can also deal significant STAB damage (READ: All About STAB and STAB Bonus).


No list will be complete without FireRed’s poster Pokémon – Charizard.

Charizard evolves from Charmeleon at Level 36. Charmeleon then evolves from Charmander at Level 16.

Like the other Flying Pokémon here, Charizard excels in Speed. It also has a pretty good Special Attack like Zapdos.

Charizard also made the list of best Fire Pokémon thanks to its god-tier Fire-type move set, but it’s Flying moves are also worth it to mention. Wing Attack is learned at level 36, whiel Aerial Ace and Fly can both be learned via TM/HM.

Only caveat is you can have Charizard as your bespoke Flying-type in your party if you chose Charmander as your starter. Otherwise, you’re better off having another Flying-type in your party just to get that sweet skill of flying everywhere.


Aerodactyl is another familiar name on our list, as it also made the list of best Rock-type Pokémon.

Aerodactyl doesn’t have any former or later evolutions. It also cannot be caught in the wild as it’s resurrected from a fossil (READ: Where and How to Get Aerodactyl).

Like the others, Aerodactyl’s defining stat is its excellent Speed, although it also has a pretty decent Attack stat.

While its Flying move set can be lacking (only has Wing Attack, learned from the get-go), its highlight is its dual Rock and Flying type. This covers most weaknesses in battle.


Last but not the least, we have Dragonite, a part-Dragon, part-Flying Pokémon.

Dragonite’s evolution chain has Dratini evolving into Dragonair at Level 30, and Dragonair to Dragonite at Level 55.

Dragonite makes our top list thanks to excellent stats across the board, with its Attack being a cut above the rest.

While Dragonite benefits more on its Dragon-type side, especially in terms of move set, being part-Dragon and part-Flying makes it a great addition to your Pokémon party, especially if it’s your token Flying Pokémon who will learn the HM move Fly.

While Dragonite cannot be found in the wild, Dratini and Dragonair both can be caught in the overworld, making it accessible enough for your roster.

In conclusion, Flying-type Pokémon will almost always have a spot in your party, as they’re invaluable thanks to the HM move Fly (READ: Where to get the HM 02 Fly), a gamechanger that enables you to quickly travel across different locations in the game. As for our list, as always it’s a recommendation of what’s best to have in your line-up although it all depends on your play style and preference. Is anything else worth knowing about Flying-types? Read more on our guide on All About Flying Type Pokémon!

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