What is STAB or Same Type Attack Bonus in FireRed and LeafGreen

Same Type Attack Bonus or STAB is a bonus applied to Pokémon attacks when the wielder is of the same type as the move used. There’s a formula on how STAB stacks up to add more power to your Pokémon’s attacks. Read more below to find out!

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All About STAB

As mentioned, STAB stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. You get a boost in your Pokémon’s attack power if the move and the Pokémon are of the same type. For example, Charizard is categorized primarily as a Fire-type Pokémon, and when it uses a Fire-type move, STAB is applied.

STAB can be very useful, and when used correctly, can be the difference in a very intense battle.

STAB Formula

The formula for STAB is 1.5x bonus for each move’s power. To better illustrate this, let’s take Charizard and its Fire-type move Flamethrower.

Since Flamethrower has a base Power of 95, multiply it by 1.5 to get the New Base Power.

 Base Move PowerFormula (x1.5)New Base Power

This means that Flamethrower will now have up to 142.5 power when it hits your opponents.

When you factor in type advantage, you can get up to three times the Fire power, especially against Pokémon weak to Fire e.g. Grass, Bug, Ice Pokémon, among others. This is because type advantages deal at least double the damage.

The formula for these bonuses stacks up as follows:

FlamethrowerBase Move PowerFormulaNew Base Power

Type advantage means your Pokémon’s moves will be twice as effective for Pokémon weak against the type.

FlamethrowerBase Move PowerFormulaNew Base Power

Base move power is listed as 190 after Type Advantage boost. With STAB, Charizard’s initial Flamethrower Power of 95 is now three times more powerful.

Charizard also has a unique ability exclusive only to Fire Pokémon – Blaze. Blaze gives an additional boost to all Fire-type moves, so this makes STAB’s effect even more noticeable (READ: All About Fire Type Pokémon – Strengths, Weaknesses and Unique Abilities).


Of course, there are other Pokémon with similar abilities from other types.

STAB + Natures

There are also some natures that naturally increase a Pokémon’s attack. Natures are found under the Pokémon Info in your menu.

Pokémon natures are more than just personalities, as these serve as in-game mechanics that affect how a Pokémon’s stats increase. You can read more about Pokémon Natures HERE.

In the case of STAB, Natures that inherently raise a Pokémon’s attack and special attack stats are: Adamant, Brave, Hardy, Lonely, Mild, Modest, Naughty, Quiet, Rash, among others. If you have a Pokémon with these natures and apply STAB, you’re sure to hit the opponent hard enough to deal a huge amount of damage.

Natures are randomized though – these aren’t something you can change or influence, save for the Starter Pokémon. Here’s how you can rig your starters to get your preferred nature, or the nature best for them.

In conclusion, STAB is a great stackable bonus that is easy to exploit each time you’re in battle. Most Pokémon of their types will have type-specific moves, so STAB is fairly easy to achieve. Add to that the double damage from type advantages, a unique ability that raises the power of your Pokémon’s moves, or a nature that favors Attack and Special Attack, you can be well on your way to beating any opponent that challenges you!  

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