All About Psychic-Type Pokémon: Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategies in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Psychic Pokémon should ring a bell for you if you were able to battle Saffron City’s Gym Leader! There’s a reason why Psychic Pokémon are chosen as a Gym Challenge in the game – they’re known for their great Special Attack skills and generally few weaknesses. What’s more in store with Psychic Pokémon? Read more to find out!

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Psychic Pokémon Strengths

Psychic Pokémon have a clear type advantage against Fighting and Poison Pokémon. This makes Psychic-type deal up to twice the damage when fighting these Pokémon types.

When Same Type Attack Bonus or STAB is present – meaning a Psychic type Pokémon uses a Pscyhic type move – the damage goes up to three times.

Psychic Pokémon are also known for its elevated Special Attack stat compared to other stats. This just makes its elemental moves all the more powerful to those weak against it or not.

Aside from these type advantages, they’re also resistant to Fighting-type moves and fellow Psychic moves, where damage is cut into half.

Psychic Pokémon Weaknesses

That said, Psychic Pokémon are weak to Bug, Dark and Ghost Pokémon. Having these types as opponents means your Psychic Pokémon is prone to receiving up to three to four times the damage, especially for Psychic types that have bad Special Defense.

Some Psychic Pokémon also have a bad HP stat, which means they won’t hold out long in battle, especially when faced with type disadvantages.

You can circumvent this by training your Pokémon and focusing on raising its HP stat through EV points (READ: What is EV training and how to do it).

Dual-type Psychic Pokémon

There aren’t a lot of pure Psychic Pokémon in these versions of the game, while dual-type Pokémon mostly have Psychic as their secondary type classification.

Some examples of pure Psychic Pokémon are Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam, as well as Drowzee and Hypno.

Mewtwo, the legendary Pokémon is also pure Psychic, as well as Mew, although you can’t catch Mew in the game without some prerequisites that might be difficult to achieve now (READ: How to Get Mew in Pokémon FRLG).

Mr. Mime is also a pure Psychic Pokémon in this generation of the games, and becomes Dual-type (part-Psychic, part-Fairy) in later generations.

Examples of secondary Psychic-type Pokémon are Slowpoke and all its evolutions, and Starmie (primarily Water-types then Psychic).

Exeggcute and its evolution Exeggcutor are both part-Grass and part-Psychic.

Lastly, Jynx and its baby form Smoochum are Ice-types first, Psychic type second.


Exclusive Abilities

Some exclusive abilities only given to Psychic Pokémon are Insomnia and Synchronize.

Insomnia prevents the Pokémon from sleeping, and an example of a Pokémon with this ability is Hypno and Drowzee (which is ironic because of its name!).

Pokémon with the Synchronize ability will pass on the status effect inflicted to them to the opponent. Examples of Psychic Pokémon with this ability are Abra and all its evolved forms.

Psychic Pokémon are a very interesting type of Pokémon, and their strengths and weaknesses can definitely be used to your advantage should you be interested in permanently using Psychic-types in your playthrough. Don’t know which Psychic type you want to add to your party? Read our recommended best Psychic Pokémon in Kanto HERE.

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