Where to Get a Powder Jar in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get a Powder Jar from an old man in Cerulean City. Talk to the man inside one of the houses in town and say you have an interest in berries. He will then hand you the Powder Jar for you to keep. You can use the Powder Jar if you have a Wireless Adapter to play Berry Crush with your friends.

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Getting the Powder Jar

You can get the Powder Jar pretty early on the game so long as you reach Cerulean City.

Just above the Poké Center, you can find the house of the man who talks about berries and Berry Powder.

Head inside and talk to him. He’ll ask you if you like berries as well.

Say Yes and he’ll hand you the Powder Jar. It will automatically be placed in the Key Items pouch of your bag.

Using the Powder Jar

The Powder Jar can be used if you have a Wireless Adapter for your Gameboy Advance. Head to any Poké Center and go up to the second floor.

Talk to the receptionist at the far right of the room. With a Wireless Adapter, the option to play Berry Crush is made available. Take note though that you need another player to play Berry Crush with, and that they should also have a Powder Jar and Wireless Adapter. You can have as many as 5 players playing the game. More players mean more Berry Powder!

Buying Items with Berry Powder

Once you get some Berry Powder, you can go back to the old man in Cerulean City to trade your Berry Powder for some cool stuff such as vitamins and medicinal items.

Powder Jar

All in all, the Powder Jar can be a useful item provided you have a Wireless Adapter for your Gameboy, as this means you can make the most of it by crushing berries to produce Berry Powder. Otherwise, the Powder Jar is just a neat collectible you can have if you’re aiming for a completionist run of the game.

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