How to Increase Your Pokemon’s Stats in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can increase your Pokémon’s stats through EV training, choosing a good nature that matches its innate ability, and by giving it vitamins. Read up below to know which options is best and doable for you and your play style.

What are Stats?

A Pokémon’s stats determine what a Pokémon is like during battle. All Pokémon have 6 key stats, namely HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. These stats gain points each time a Pokémon gains experience in battle and levels up.

Pokémon’s Stats
All Pokémon have the six key stats, but base stats will vary depending on the Pokémon and their levels.

The HP stat is the health bar of your Pokémon. A higher HP stat relates to how long a Pokémon can take damage in battle before it faints.

When the HP bar reaches 0, your Pokémon faints.

The Attack stat, as per its name, deals with damage that a Pokémon can make through its physical moves or by throwing physical objects. Moves such as Normal or Fighting-type typically fall under the Attack stat.

Slash’s damage correlates to how high Charizard’s Attack stat is.

Defense is also self-explanatory. This stat relates to how a Pokémon can endure physical hits.

Some moves can also temporarily raise a Pokémon’s Defense during battle.

The Special Attack stat is all about type and elemental moves. A higher Special Attack stat means moves such as Flamethrower (Fire), Hydro Pump (Water), etc. will deal greater damage.

The Special Attack stat is all about type and elemental moves. A higher Special Attack stat means moves such as Flamethrower (Fire), Hydro Pump (Water), etc. will deal greater damage.

Special Defense on the other hand corresponds to how well a Pokémon can withstand type and elemental damage.

Bellossom’s Grass-type move Petal Dance inflicts heavy damage on Poliwrath. Special Defense plays a factor in how well Poliwrath can withstand this attack, but it’s worth noting Water-types are also weak to Grass-type moves.

Lastly, Speed determines how quick your Pokémon is. A higher Speed stat may mean your Pokémon gets the first turn in battle.

Pikachu is known for its high Speed stat at base. It usually hits first in every battle unless its foe is quicker.

Increasing Pokémon’s Stats

As mentioned, Pokémon stats increase normally each time a Pokémon levels up.

The points for the stats during level-up also vary. These can be influenced by EV training.

That said, there are ways to train specific stats, or even have the points increase at a quicker rate. The first one is through EV training. EVs are Effort Values that correlate with stats and EV training means defeating specific Pokémon in battle to gain more stat points.

You can read up about EV training in this article here.

Another method is choosing a good nature for your Pokémon.

Natures are more than just personalities assigned to Pokémon – they also relate to how a Pokémon’s stats increase per level up. It’s good to raise a Pokémon whose nature aligns with its natural ability.

Charizard’s Special Attack and Speed stats are higher than the rest thanks to its innate ability. To know what’s the best nature for Charmander, read up here.

That said, the only way to choose a good nature for your starter is at the very start of the game. For wild Pokémon, you need to catch them multiple times until you get one with your desired nature.

Lastly, an easier option for increasing a Pokémon’s stats is feeding it vitamins.

Each vitamin dose grants 10 EV Points for Pokémon which raises up your chosen stat. Like the 6 stats, there are 6 vitamins available in game – HP Up for the HP stat, Protein for Attack, Iron for Defense, Calcium for the Special Attack stat, Zinc for Special Defense, and Carbos for Speed. You can buy all of these vitamins in Celadon’s Department Store for 9,800 Poké Dollars apiece.

Increasing a Pokémon’s stats may be tedious, but if you’re a determined Pokémon player who wants to raise the strongest Pokémon ever, these techniques may just be fun and challenging for you to accomplish. Try it out and see how much potential your Pokémon have!

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