What’s the Best Pokémon Nature for Bulbasaur in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

The best nature for Bulbasaur work are Rash, Mild and Quiet natures. Bulbasaur already comes with great Defenses, so a decreased growth in this stat will not pose a problem in the long run. Preferring natures that focus on its Special Attack means the stat is raised more quickly, rendering Bulbasaur’s Grass-type moves to be even more powerful.

Choosing Your Starter

Bulbasaur starts out as one of the choices presented to you by Prof. Oak for your first-ever Pokémon.

nature for Bulbasaur

Like the other starters, Bulbasaur cannot be found in the wild at any point in the game. You can only get Bulbasaur through this scene with Prof. Oak or by trading for one with a friend. If you already have a Bulbasaur, you can also breed it to have more Bulbasaurs.

When you choose Bulbasaur as your starter, it comes with a nature chosen at random.

Bulbasaur’s best stats are Special Attack and Special Defense. This means it’s capable of dealing great damage with its elemental moves and can withstand these fairly well too.

Venusaur, Bulbasaur’s final form, has a heightened Special Attack and Special Defense stat.

A Bulbasaur with a Rash nature means its Special Attack is up by 10% each time it reaches a new level. The caveat is its Special Defense grows much slower than normal, but as mentioned, Bulbasaur is hardy enough to withstand type and elemental attacks.

Like the Rash nature, Mild and Quiet natures also increase Special Attack, this time at the expense of Defense and Speed. That said, you can make up for the slow progress of these two stats by EV training for them on the side.

A strong Special Attack stat means Venusaur’s Grass-type moves deal heavier damage, especially to those weak against it.

If you would notice, all the natures recommended for Bulbasaur increase its innate strength on elemental moves via its Special Attack. This makes Bulbasaur a really great starter Pokémon and as you go along the game.

A Bulbasaur with the recommended Mild nature. You might need a couple of reloads to get your desired nature.


Keep in mind though that these natures are just recommendations, and you can work with almost any nature randomly assigned to your Pokémon. Your choice of nature will always depend on the skill and stat you would prioritize, in this case, we are prioritizing Bulbasaur’s Special Attack.

Should you want your Bulbasaur to have any of these recommended natures though, here’s a way how to get the preferred nature for your starter.

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