How to Beat Trainer Tower’s Mixed Mode in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Mixed Mode is the fourth and last challenge in Seven Island’s Trainer Tower. It features all the battle styles from the previous challenges into one. You can make it to the top by maximizing your advantages and bringing well-rounded Pokémon into battle. Read along to see a step-by-step guide to getting through each battle on all eight floors!

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Mixed Mode Challenge

Mixed Mode, as per its name, combines all battle styles in the previous challenges in one. Some floors contain Single, Double or Knockout mode battles, which vary the trainers and the number of Pokémon you will encounter per floor.

Mixed Mode

With this in mind, all the previous strategies from the other modes will apply to Mixed Mode, whether you take it as your last challenge or in no particular order. Choose Pokémon according to your preferred playstyle or by the recommendations below, bring enough healing and PP restoring items and let’s get started on the first floor!

Floor 1

Floor 1 features a Single battle with Cooltrainer Allyson and her Starmie and Kingdra.

Starmie goes first in the line-up. It’s a part-Water and part-Psychic Pokémon with an impressive Special Attack and Speed stat. This makes Starmie take the first move in each turn, dealing heavy damage as it goes.

Try not to bring Fire, Ice, Fighting, Psychic and Steel Pokémon to fight Starmie as they would be easy knockouts. Instead, an Electric, Grass, Bug, Ghost or Dark Pokémon should face Starmie as it’s weak to these types, ensuring you get some advantage in this battle.

The battle might take some time especially if you keep getting hit and you use up the turns for healing. Starmie should go down eventually as it has a below-average HP stat.

Kingdra is next, another Water-type Pokémon, this time, part-Dragon. It has above-average stats in all key skills except for HP and Speed.

Use the same Pokémon that you fought Starmie with to try to make the most of the type advantage against Kingdra.

Like Starmie, you will prevail over Kingdra after some turns. Heal and save before proceeding to the next floor.

Floor 2

Up next is another Single battle with trainer Psychic Lorenzo and his Hypno and Gengar.

Hypno, the Psychic Pokémon will go up first. All of its stats are average at best, with exception of its Special Defense. This means it has better resistance against type and elemental moves. It’s prone to lull your Pokémon to sleep, wasting your turns, so try to keep up with some Awakening or even the Poké Flute to keep your Pokémon awake.

Bug, Ghost and Dark Pokémon work best against Hypno, but if you don’t have them in your Pokémon party, bring a Pokémon with good Attack and Special Attack stat to deal sufficient damage to Hypno until it faints.

Gengar comes next, a part-Ghost and part-Poison Pokémon. As a Ghost-type Pokémon, physical attacks don’t work against Gengar, so try to use elemental moves such as Fire, Grass, Water and the like to hit Gengar and deal damage.

As a part-Poison Pokémon, keep an eye out for its poison-inducing moves, as being poisoned takes up your turn to heal that status ailment. Hit it with your best shots before it gets to that point.

Keep attacking it with moves that work against Gengar until it faints.

With that, you clear Floor 2. Save, heal up and continue on.

Floor 3

Super Nerd Owen is the sole trainer on this floor, leaving you with another Single mode battle. Be prepared to face his Jolteon and Porygon2.

Your first opponent is Jolteon, one of Eevee’s many evolutions. This one’s key stat is its extremely high Speed. This makes it so Jolteon takes the first shot in each and every turn.

Don’t bring Water-types against Jolteon, as they will get electrocuted and faint fairly easily. Bring Ground-types Pokémon if you can, as electricity doesn’t affect them. Ground-type moves also have a huge advantage against Jolteon.

After Jolteon faints, Porygon2 is next. It’s a Normal-type Pokémon, but it has some Psychic moves in its arsenal.

Fighting Pokémon work best against Normal-types, so hit it with powerful physical moves so it goes down. If you don’t have any Fighting-types at your disposal, you can work with elemental moves from Pokémon with high Special Attack stat.

Super Nerd Owen is beaten and you’ve cleared Floor 3. Again, do your routine of healing, restoring PP if needed and saving your game before you head on to the next floor.

Floor 4

This floor finally introduces the Doubles battle style. You have Cool Couple Geb & Megan as your opponents, along with their Nidoking and Nidoqueen.

Since this is a Doubles battle, you face both Pokémon opponents at the same time.

Both Nidoking and Nidoqueen are Poison and Ground Pokémon. Watch out for their poison-inflicting attacks and don’t bring Pokémon weak against Ground-type moves.

If you have a Pokémon with the HM move Surf learned, bring them out and spam Surf against the duo. Both Pokémon are weak against water, and using the move Surf means you get to deal damage to the two Pokémon at the same time.

If you do this tactic, both Nidoking and Nidoqueen should lose in no time.

The losing trainers should give way for you to pass to go up to the next floor. Again, save and heal before continuing.

Floor 5

Another Doubles battle await you this round. Brother and Sister trainers Kat & Kipp face you with their Kingler and Corsola.

Both Pokémon are Water Pokémon, with Corsola being part-Water and part-Rock. Avoid bringing out Fire Pokémon to deal with them. Instead, Electric and Grass-types work best against the two.

Grass-type moves are four times more powerful against Corsola. It doesn’t have any impressive stats, so it should go down quickly.

For Kingler, watch out for its pincer moves which can easily KO your Pokémon, as it has a really good Attack stat. Spam it with Electric or Grass moves until it faints.

After some patience and hardwork, you should triumph against the two trainers who finally let you pass. Prepare as needed before heading to Floor 6.

Floor 6

Up next is a Knockout battle. This means you get to challenge three trainers consecutively with no breaks in between. Each trainer has one Pokémon in their party. Pokémon Ranger Chelsea has Ledian, Pokémon Ranger Trenton a Gyarados, and Cooltrainer Albert has a Tyranitar.

Ledian is up first. It’s part-Bug and part-Flying, with a really impressive Special Defense. Its other stats are poor though, so you don’t have a lot to worry about.

You can maximize type advantages against Ledian as its weak to a number of them, namely, Fire, Electric, Ice, Flying and Rock. Make quick work of Ledian with any Pokémon or moves belonging to these types.

After beating Ledian, the next trainer comes up to challenge you. It’s another Pokémon Ranger with a Gyarados.

Gyarados’ key stat is its Attack which is above average. Depending on its level, your opponent Gyarados may bring out Hyper Beam which can easily KO your Pokémon.

Bring a Pokémon with decent defenses, preferably an Electric-type, as electricity is four times more effective against Gyarados which is part-Water and part-Flying. If you don’t have one in your party, Grass or Bug Pokémon work just as good.

After Gyarados, the next trainer comes in, leaving you no time to take a breather.

Last but not the least, we have Tyranitar, part-Rock and part-Dark type Pokémon. Tyranitar can be a real pain, as it has extremely high stats in all aspects, save for Speed. That said, its strongest stat is Attack, so be prepared with a lot of healing items and even Revives to keep you afloat.

Fighting Pokémon and their moves are four times more effective against Tyranitar. It’s also weak to a number of types: Water, Grass, Bug, Steel, Fairy and Ground-types can stand their own against Tyranitar, so make use of them.

After some time, Tyranitar should also fall. The three trainers will let you pass to make your way to the next floor. Take the time to heal, restore PP if needed and save once more before continuing.

Floor 7

Crush Kin Ric & Rene are waiting for you for another Doubles battle in this round. They have Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan for you to challenge.

Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are both Fighting-type Pokémon. Both excel in the Attack and Special Defense stat, with below-average Defense and HP. Depending on your opponents’ level, you may encounter Hitmonlee’s Mega Kick, or Hitmonchan’s equivalent move, Mega Punch. They also have other strong moves in their arsenal that you should keep an eye out for.

Flying, Psychic and Fairy-type Pokémon work best against the two. Try to have your Pokémon with the type advantage focusing on one of the opponents, while the other turn is reserved for healing if necessary.

It should be a quick enough battle if you made the most of your type advantage against the two.

The trainers should let you pass, which leaves you to prepare for the eighth and final floor.

Floor 8

The final round has another Knockout battle for you. Prepare to face Charizard, Nidoqueen and Poliwrath for your final battles.

Hiker Mike is the first trainer to come forward, with Charizard as its fighter. Charizard is known for its Speed and Special Attack. Be mindful of its Fire-type moves as they deal heavier damage thanks to the elevated Special Attack. It will also be first to hit so make sure you bring out a Pokémon that’s faster than Charizard, or one with better Defenses.

Rock-type Pokémon have four times the advantage against Charizard as its part-Fire and part-Flying type. If you have the Water-type Pokémon that dealt with the previous rounds, use them against Charizard as it’s also weak to water.

Charizard should get beat after some time. The next trainer will immediately come up to challenge you.

Crush Girl Rebecca comes out with her Nidoqueen. Nidoqueen’s stats are average, so hopefully it won’t take as much time to defeat it. Avoid getting poisoned though, as that’s a quick way to lose your HP and faint.

If you have that Water-Pokémon again, or a Pokémon that knows water-type moves such as Surf, use them on Nidoqueen. It’s also weak against Water thanks to its part-Ground nature.

After beating Nidoqueen, Blackbelt Nicolas is the final trainer. He brings out his Poliwrath for you to challenge.

Poliwrath is both a Water and Fighting Pokémon, with decent stats across the board. Don’t bring out Pokémon weak against Water, such as Fire, Bug, Rock, Dark and Steel-types.

If you did bring a Grass Pokémon to your party, use Grass-type moves to deal with Poliwrath. Electric, Flying and Psychic-types work well too.

Finally, Poliwrath should go down and the trainers leave you a clear path. Don’t forget to save and climb up to the topmost floor!

Prize: King’s Rock

When you reach the rooftop, Trainer Tower’s owner waits for you.

He congratulates you for making it to the top, and hands you your prize, the rare King’s Rock.

The King’s Rock is a held item that ups the possibility of a foe flinching from the attacks of the Pokémon holding it.

It’s also an evolutionary item if either Poliwhirl or Slowbro hold it. These Pokémon can evolve to either Politoed or Slowking respectively if they have the King’s Rock upon trading.

And that concludes the Trainer Tower challenge series! If this is your first challenge, you can read up on the Singles, Doubles and Knockout modes here. Now on to your next challenge!

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