All About Ice-Type Pokémon: Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategies in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Did you know that Ice-type Pokémon is the least common type among Pokémon in the region? While already existing in Gen I, some Ice Pokémon now in the region were previously solely Water-types! Want to know more about Ice-type Pokémon, keep on reading below!

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Ice Pokémon Strengths

Ice Pokémon excel against Grass, Ground, Flying and Dragon Pokémon. This gives them up to double the attack power against these Pokémon types.

When Ice Pokémon use an Ice-type move, a Same Type Attack Bonus or STAB is applied (READ: What is STAB in Pokémon FRLG). This enables your Pokémon to deal up to three times the damage!

Most Ice-types also have a great Attack and Special Defense stat. This helps them withstand and resist elemental attacks it might be weak from.

Ice-types also are immune to freezing, and cannot be as affected by Water nor fellow Ice-type moves.

Ice Pokémon Weaknesses

That said, Ice Pokémon can be pretty weak against Fighting, Rock, Steel and Fire Pokémon. They can receive up to twice the damage when hit with these kinds of attacks.

Most Ice-types also suffer from a mediocre Speed stat compared to the rest, often late to make a move in battle.

If you really want to have an Ice Pokémon in your party, you can remedy their low stats by maximizing EV Training, which you can read more about here.

Dual-Type Ice Pokémon

Most Ice Pokémon you will encounter in the region are dual-types. There is no pure Ice Pokémon in these versions of the game.

Primary Ice-type Pokémon include Smoochum, Jynx and Articuno.

Once you’ve done the Sevii Islands quest and Johto Pokémon start to populate in the wild, Swinub, Piloswine and Delibird appear in-game as part-Ice and part-Ground Pokémon.

Secondary Ice-types on the other hand are Dewgong, Closyter and Lapras, who are all Water-types first, Ice-types second.

Exclusive Abilities

While there’s no unique ability found solely in Ice-type Pokémon, since there aren’t many of them in the game, there’s still the ability Thick Fat found in Seel and Dewgong, which reduces damage from Fire-type and Ice-type moves.

Ice Pokémon are great additions to your Pokémon party, especially during that Elite Four battle with Lance as he specializes in Dragon Pokémon (READ: How to Beat the Elite Four).  Most Ice-types aren’t encountered until midway or later in the game anyway, so it makes sense to reserve their use where they will be most advantageous. Want to know which Ice-types should make your party? Take a look at our recommendations on Top 5 Best Ice Pokémon in FireRed and LeafGreen!

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