All About Flying-Type Pokémon: Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategies in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

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Flying Pokémon Strengths

Flying Pokémon are super effective against Bug, Grass and Fighting-type Pokémon. This makes Flying-type moves deal twice the damage for these foes. Coupled with Same Type Attack Bonus (READ: What is STAB and How to Use It), damage dealt can go up to three times.

Most Flying Pokémon also excel in the Speed stat among the other key stats. This makes sense considering Flying Pokémon can literally take flight and use moves that rely on swiftness and agilitiy.

Flying Pokémon are also unaffected with Ground-type moves as their Pokémon forms are suspended in mid-air.

They can also resist Fighting, Bug and Grass-type attacks, halving the power these moves have against them.

Flying Pokémon Weaknesses

In terms of weaknesses, Flying Pokémon are weak to Rock, Electric and Ice-type moves. They can get double damage when hit with these elemental attacks. Beefing up your Flying Pokémon’s defenses should be key in withstanding these opponents (READ: EV Training and Targeting Specific Stats).

Flying-type moves are also ineffective against Rock, Electric and Steel Pokémon. The best way to get through these opponents is to employ dual-Flying types, like Aerodactyl for example, who’s part-Rock and part-Flying type, to cover this weakness.

Dual Flying Type Pokémon

There isn’t any pure Flying Pokémon in these versions of the game. Most Flying-types found in the FireRed and LeafGreen games are dual type Pokémon, all of them secondary.

The most common combinations of dual-type Flying Pokémon is Normal-type + Flying-type, seen in Pidgey and all its evolutions, Spearow, Fearow, Farfetch’d, Doduo and Dodrio, to name a few.

Flying-type Pokémon also have a wide array of elemental combinations as their primary classification. Some prominent ones include Bug and Flying (Butterfree).

There’s also Fire and Flying, found in Charizard and Moltres.

Water and Flying in Gyarados, and Ice and Flying in Articuno.

And Electric and Flying like in Zapdos, among others.

Exclusive Abilities

While there’s no specific ability exclusive only to Flying Pokémon, they’re more well known as wielders of the HM Move Fly.

Not only can Fly be used out of battle, it’s also a neat move for Flying Pokémon especially with STAB. It can deal significant damage after a turn, and your Pokémon won’t get hit as it’s in the air.

Now that you know more about Flying Pokémon and what they can do, it’s time to choose which one you’d keep in your party. Check out our article on best Flying Pokémon for our recommendations!

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