All About Fire-Type Pokémon: Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategies in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Fire-type Pokémon are some of the most versatile Pokémon in the game thanks to their varied strengths and general few weaknesses. In this article, we will tackle in detail the strengths and weaknesses of Fire Pokémon as well as strategies for Fire Pokémon with dual-type advantages. At the end of this article, you’ll be sure to reserve a slot in your roster for your favorite Fire Pokémon!

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Fire Pokémon Strengths

Fire Pokémon are strong against Grass, Bug, Ice and Steel Pokémon, which means they deal twice the normal amount of damage compared to other types not listed above. A prompt will appear in battle saying the move is super effective each time your Fire Pokémon has a type advantage against its opponent.

There’s also the Same Type Attack Bonus or STAB which deals an additional 1.5x damage. This is when Fire Pokémon use Fire-type moves on those types weak against it. For example, a Charizard using Fire Spin on a Grass-type Pokémon will net at least 3x more damage than normal.

Most Fire-type Pokémon are also on the offensive side thanks to their above-average Special Attack stats. This makes their elemental moves even more powerful than usual. Some Fire moves and abilities may even burn the opponent. This status ailment drains HP over time which is useful in battle.

Interestingly enough and as expected, Fire Pokémon cannot get burned.

Fire Pokémon Weaknesses

In terms of weaknesses, Fire-types are not resistant to Water, Rock and Ground-type Pokémon and their moves.

Some Fire types have low Defense or Special Defense stats which balances out their high Attack, making them more prone to fainting from an elemental attack they are weak against.

The best way to overcome these weaknesses is to train your Fire-type Pokémon based on the innate stats they are already skilled at.

Charizard, for example, has a high Speed stat and high Special Attack. Doing an EV training run or focusing on its Speed may mean that your Charizard will be faster than any opponent it will encounter. When faced with a type that it is weak against, a fast Charizard will always hit first and the enemy may not even get a chance to attack.

Dual Fire-Type Pokémon

There are also Pokémon who have dual types assigned to them. In the FireRed and LeafGreen version of the games, there are only a handful of Pokémon with dual types: Charizard, Moltres, Slugma and Magcargo.

Charizard becomes part-Fire, part-Flying type upon evolving from Charmeleon.

Slugma and Magcargo on the other hand are both part-Fire and part-Rock type.

You can strategize to make sure you are making the most of dual type advantages. Since Grass types are weak to both Fire and Flying-type Pokémon, having Charizard attack any Grass Pokémon will deal at least 4x damage.

On the other hand, being both Fire and Flying-type, Charizard will also be vulnerable to up to 4x damage from Rock-type Pokémon, since Rock is strong against both Fire and Flying.

Aside from these Pokémon, most other Fire-types are just plain Fire Pokémon, although they can learn other moves that are not Fire-related.

Exclusive Abilities

Fire Pokémon also have abilities exclusive to their type. There are three abilities in the FireRed and LeafGreen versions of the games that are only applicable to Fire Pokémon.

Blaze is an ability that gives an extra boost on fire moves.

Flash Fire enables the Fire Pokémon to gain more firepower when hit by flames.

Lastly, Flame Body burns any opponent who makes contact with your Fire Pokémon.

In conclusion, Fire Pokémon have a lot of advantages going for them in terms of skills and type strengths. Coupled with unique abilities that further enhance their element, Fire Pokémon are a staple in any party line-up. Want to add a Fire Pokémon to your roster? Consider this list of the top 5 Fire Pokémon in FRLG as your next party addition.

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