Where to Get the Fame Checker and How to Use it in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get the Fame Checker early on in the questline, after beating Gary, your rival, in Cerulean City’s Nugget Bridge. You can then use the Fame Checker as you continue on your journey to learn more about famous NPCs in the game.

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Where to Get the Fame Checker

As mentioned, you can get the Fame Checker after beating Gary (or whatever name you chose), your rival, in Cerulean City. You can read more on the encounter with Gary and how to beat him in this guide about All Rival Encounters in Pokémon FRLG.

Once you win, you get the Fame Checker from him.

Using the Fame Checker

The Fame Checker is a Key Item that collects tidbits of trivia and information about famous NPCs in the game. Some NPCs include Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, but there are also characters of interest featured in the Fame Checker such as Prof. Oak, Daisy and Old Man Fuji.

Some info about the famous characters can be given by other NPCs you encounter along the game, while some can be found in items and signs across the overworld.

Here’s the complete guide on how to get all the info for each character in the Fame Checker. When finished, the famous NPC will give a special message.

Prof. Oak

Prof. Oak is one of the first few characters you can find in the Fame Checker.

There are six locations where you can find vital information about Prof. Oak, some provided by NPCs, some by signs. 

The first one will be in the stand post outside Prof. Oak’s lab in Pallet Town. Inspect it and see what it says.

When you look at your Fame Checker, you’ll see that the info has been recorded and stored. You will need to do this at most six times for each NPC in the Fame Checker.

The next info will come from Prof. Oak himself. This entry would have been recorded prior to you getting the Fame Checker. This entry answers the question “What is this person like?”. For Prof. Oak, his entry says he is someone who wants to make a complete guide on all the Pokémon in the world.

Prof. Oak’s assistant will also have something to say about the Professor. Talk to her to add his info in the Fame Checker.

Next, head to Viridian City. Go to the house located above the Pokémon Center. Go to the bookshelves to find a Pokémon journal talking about Prof. Oak. The Fame Checker will log this for you as well.

The next place to get the info for Prof. Oak will be at Indigo Plateau. Speak to Agatha during the Elite Four battle and it should appear in your Fame Checker.

Lastly, return to Pallet Town after beating the Pokémon League Elite Four and talk to Prof. Oak’s assistant again to get the last info for your Fame Checker.

Upon completing Prof. Oak’s entries, you receive a special message from him.

Full Message Transcript – From Prof. Oak to Player: “Why do Pokémon compete and battle so hard for you? They do so because they can see the love and trust you have towards Pokémon. Never forget that.”


Up next is Daisy, sister of Gary or your rival. She also resides in Pallet Town like Prof. Oak.

Her first entry for the Fame Checker comes from Prof. Oak’s assistant. Speak to him in the lab after finishing the Elite Four Challenge and he will talk about Daisy and how she can check how close you are with your Pokémon (READ: How to Check Friendship Levels in Pokémon FRLG).

Next, pay a visit to the Pokémon Fan Club when you get to Vermillion City. The building can be found just below the Pokémon Center, near the western shore in the map.

Speak to the Assistant of the President of the Pokémon Fan Club to hear more about Daisy.

The next entry in Daisy’s Fame Checker will be from an old man on Five Island, by the Water Labyrinth. You need to speak to the man and he will hand you a Togepi egg (READ: Where to Find Get Togepi in Pokémon FRLG). Come back to him after hatching Togepi and hear him speak about Daisy.

The next missing entry can be found when you get back to Viridian City. Go to the same house where you found Prof. Oak’s Fame Checker entry and the section on the Pokémon Journal talks about how he lives with his grandchildren – your rival and Daisy. 

Next, head to Celadon City and talk to the old woman in Celadon Mansion, the one who gave you the tea. She will be the fifth entry in Daisy’s Fame Checker.

Lastly, there’s another Pokémon Journal talking about Daisy in Sevii Island’s Four Island Pokémon Center..

After finding all six entries, Daisy shares a special message with you.

Full Message Transcript – From Daisy to Player: “While I was comfortably enjoying my tea breaks, you’ve grown very skilled and powerful. I hope you’ll remain a good rival to my little brother.”


Up next is Brock, Pewter City’s Gym Leader. The info below will talk about his Fame Checker entries, but should you need help in beating Brock, we’ve got you covered in this article too.

The first log for Brock will be the sign outside his Gym Building in Pewter City.

Next, Brock will also have something to share about himself, particularly his favorite Pokémon (obviously Rock-type), which you automatically record in the Fame Checker.

Also still in Pewter City, one of the young men there will talk about Brock. You can find him just in front of the Pokémon Center.

On Route 4 you will also find an NPC talking about Brock. You can find him just outside of the Pokémon Center before Mt. Moon. This counts as his fourth Fame Checker entry.

Continue along until you reach Mt. Moon. There’s an old man there who will also talk about Brock.

Lastly, there is a Pokémon Journal talking about Brock found in the Pewter Science Museum, inside the room where you find the Old Amber. You need a Pokémon with the HM Move Cut to access this part of the museum.

Brock then shares a special message after you complete his entries in the Fame Checker.

Full Message Transcript – From Brock to Player: “In this big world of ours, there must be many tough trainers. Let’s both keep training and making ourselves stronger!”


Up next is Misty, Cerulean City’s Gym Leader. Here’s the full strategy and guide in beating Misty should it be your first encounter with her.

The first log for Misty’s Fame Checker will be the sign post outside her gym.

Next, Misty herself adds another log to her Fame Checker entries about her favorite Pokémon.

A trainer in Cerulean City Gym will also talk about Misty, which you automatically log in the Fame Checker.

Later on in the game, you gain access to the Seafoam Islands (READ: Catching a Legendary Pokémon Articuno in the Seafoam Islands). There’s an NPC on there that will give another tidbit of info about Misty for her Fame Checker. 

The fifth entry for Misty’s Fame Checker will be back in Cerulean City. There’s a lady outside of Bill, the Poké Maniac’s house and will talk about Misty.

Lastly, there’s a Pokémon Journal in the Cerulean City Pokémon Center that also talks about Misty. Note that it will only appear after beating the Elite Four.

Misty will then give a special message after finishing all her entries.

Full Message Transcript – From Misty to Player: “I’m going to keep training here at this Gym. When I get better, I’d love to hit the road and travel.”

Lt. Surge

The game’s third Gym Leader also has a dedicated spot in the Fame Checker. If it’s your first encounter with Lt. Surge, here’s the full guide on how to easily get the Thunderbadge.

Like the other gym leaders, the first entry in Lt. Surge’s Fame Checker will be the signage outside his gym.

You will also automatically record what Lt. Surge says about himself in your Fame Checker once you battle him.

Next, all of the trainers inside the Vermillion City Gym will have something to say about Lt. Surge. Speak to all of them to log them in three more entries for the Fame Checker.

Lastly, the sixth entry for the Fame Checker will be a Pokémon Journal found in the Vermillion City Pokémon Center.

Lt. Surge will have a message to say after completing his Fame Checker entries.

Full Message Transcript – From Lt. Surge to Player: “Hey, kid! You electrified me in our battle! I didn’t know that there were gutsy trainers like you. It made me change my mind about you!”


The next NPC in the Fame Checker is Celadon City’s Gym Leader, Erika. Here’s the complete guide to beating her should you haven’t already.

The stand post outside Celadon City’s Gym will count as Erika’s first entry in the Fame Checker.

When you battle with Erika, her statements about herself will also get added as an entry to her Fame Checker. You get two entries from her – before battle and after winning.

Two trainers inside the Celadon Gym also add in the Fame Checker logs. The first is the one on the left, near the cuttable tree, while the other is the trainer to the right of Erika.

Lastly, there’s a Pokémon Journal in the second floor of the Celadon Mansion that talks about Erika as well.

After completing all six entry logs, Erika shares a special message.

Full Message Transcript – From Erika to Player: “I am so glad that there are strong trainers like you. That awareness alone inspires and motivates me to try harder. Please visit me again. Zzz…”


Up next, Fuchsia City’s Gym Leader Koga. Here’s the complete guide on how to beat Koga if you haven’t already.

The first entry as always will be the signage post outside Fuchsia City Gym.

Talking to Koga himself will add another entry to his Fame Checker, along with speaking to one of the trainers in his gym.

When you head to the Safari Zone, an old man NPC there will also give more info about Koga. 

Above Chansey’s pen in Fuchsia City, you can also meet Koga’s daughter, Janine, for another entry on the Fame Checker. She’ll appear there after you beat the Elite Four.

Lastly, there’s a Pokémon Journal inside the Warden’s house talking about Koga.

After getting all six logs, Koga leaves a message for you.

Full Message Transcript – From Koga to Player: “You and I, we must both set our sights higher and work towards meeting our challenges. Now, I must go train my daughter.”


Sabrina is next as a featured NPC in the Fame Checker. Here’s the full guide to beating Saffron City’s Gym Leader if you haven’t already.

The first entry about Sabrina in the Fame Checker will be the sign post outside Saffron’s Gym.

You can get three entries while inside Saffron Gym. Two will come from Sabrina, pre and post-battle. The other one will be from talking to one of the trainers inside the gym. You can find him by taking the second warp tile up after entering the gym.

There’s also a Pokémon Journal in Saffron City’s Pokémon Center that talks about Sabrina.

Lastly, there’s an NPC on Sevii Island’s Three Island that will add another entry for Sabrina’s Fame Checker. You can find him in the northernmost house of the main island, the one nearer to Bond Bridge.

Finishing all six entries, you get to watch Sabrina’s special message for you as a trainer.

Full Message Transcript – From Sabrina to Player: “The love you have towards your Pokémon… It was a power that was never bested by my psychic power.”


Blaine is up next, Cinnabar Island’s Gym Leader. Again, we’ve got you covered on how best to beat Blaine if you haven’t already.

The stand post outside Cinnabar Island’s Gym is the first entry for Blaine’s Fame Checker.

Blaine of course will talk about himself and it gets automatically logged. One of the trainers in his gym will also provide an entry about Blaine. You can find the trainer in the fifth quiz room.

A picture in the Cinnabar Island Gym also counts as a Fame Checker entry.

In the island itself, a woman will talk about Blaine, which you automatically log in the Fame Checker.

The sixth and last entry will come from a Pokémon Journal found in Lady Selphy’s house in Five Island (READ: How to Get to Resort Gorgeous and Do Lady Selphy’s Quest).

Blaine will share his special message for you after finishing his Fame Checker logs.

Full Message Transcript – From Blaine to Player: “My fire Pokémon! They’ll become even more powerful! And now, a quiz. How many kinds of Fire-type Pokémon are there?”


Team Rocket’s boss, and the unexpected leader of Viridian City’s Gym, Giovanni is up next. Here’s the full guide to besting him before you head on to the Elite Four.

The first entry to Giovanni’s Fame Checker is when you speak to him in Team Rocket’s hideout (READ: How to Clear Out the Game Corner of Team Rockets in Pokémon FRLG).

The next two entries can be found in the Silph Co. building when it was overrun (READ: How to Get the Masterball and Clear Out the Silph Co. Building in Pokémon FRLG). Speak to these two researchers there to log their info about Giovanni. You’ll find the first researcher on the leftmost room in the fifth floor, while the other will be in the eighth floor, in the room to the right, hiding behind a plant.

The next entries will be in Viridian City Gym. The advisor at the entrance will talk about Giovanni and Giovanni himself will add another entry to his own Fame Checker.

Lastly, a scientist in Team Rocket’s Warehouse in Five Island will contribute to Giovanni’s Fame Checker logs as well.

Giovanni has a message for you after finishing his Fame Checker entries.

Full Message Transcript – From Giovanni to Player: “There is nothing that I wish to say to you. I will concentrate solely on bettering myself, and none other.”


The next Fame Checker personas will be from the Elite Four, starting with Lorelei. (READ: How to Beat the Elite Four in Pokémon FRLG).

The first entries to Lorelei’s Fame Checker are from herself. You speak to her before battling and after winning, which ARE automatically logged in the Checker.

The next entries will be in Four Island, Lorelei’s hometown. There’s an old man in the Pokémon Mart who will talk about Lorelei, as well as a young girl standing nearby Lorelei’s house.

After chasing out Team Rocket in Four Island’s Icefall Cave, an old woman in the area will also add another entry to Lorelei’s Fame Checker.

Lastly, there’s a Pokémon Journal in Five Island talking about Lorelei.

Lorelei’s message for you after finishing the Fame Checker will be as follows:

Full Message Transcript – From Lorelei to Player: “I needed to thank you for your help. But that has nothing to do with our battles. You’d better watch out next time!”


Bruno is next up in the Elite Four Challenge, and the Fame Checker.

The first two entries will come from Bruno as you battle and defeat him.

Next, there’s a Pokémon Journal featuring Bruno in Saffron City’s Pokémon Trainer Fan Club. You can find the club building to the east of the city, near the guardhouse leading to Route 8. It will only appear after you beat the Elite Four. Watch the cute cutscene when you first enter the club after getting in the Hall of Fame. 

On One Island, there’s a Karate Fighter talking about Bruno in Ember Spa. 

There’s also a woman in Two Island who adds another entry for Bruno in his Fame Checker.

Last but not the least, there’s another Karate Fighter this time in Seven Island’s Sevault Canyon to finish up Bruno’s Fame Checker entries.

You hear Bruno’s message for you after getting all six entries.

Full Message Transcript – From Bruno to Player: “The superpower of your Pokémon and you, I’ve experienced myself. Next time, maybe I should show you how to train yourself.”


Agatha is next in the Elite Four challenge and the Fame Checker logs.

Speaking to Agatha before and after battle adds two entries to her Fame Checker.

There’s a Karate Fighter in the Indigo Plateau who talks about Agatha. You can find him in the Pokémon Center before entering the Elite Four challenge.

There’s a Pokémon Journal in Seven Island also talking about Agatha.

Lastly, an old woman in Six Island’s Pokémon Mart will round up all of Agatha’s six Fame Checker entries.

Agatha’s message for you when you complete her Fame Checker logs will be as follows.

Full Message Transcript – From Agatha to Player: “When you grow older, don’t you dare go soft like that coot Oak! Be like me and keep battling on!”


Lance, the Dragon Master, is the last Elite Four challenge. Read on to know where to find all his Fame Checker entries.

Lance’s first two Fame Checker entries come from him when you speak with him before and after battle.

There’s also a woman in Saffron City who talks about Lance that gets added to his Fame Checker. You can find her hanging outside the Fan Club building.

Visit the second floor of the Celadon City Department Store and you’ll find a little girl talking about Lance always buying capes for another Fame Checker entry.

There’s also a Pokémon Journal in the Indigo Plateau Pokémon Center with info about Lance that counts towards his Fame Checker logs.

Lastly, beat the Elite Four a second time once they’ve powered up. A young man at Indigo Plateau has something to share about Lance afterwards. 

Like the others, you get a special message from Lance after completing his Fame Checker entries.

Full Message Transcript – From Lance to Player: “I’m considering going back to my hometown. I want to retrain my Dragon-type Pokémon and strengthen them. I’d like to invite you to my hometown one day.”


Bill, the Pokémon Maniac, is also part of the Fame Checker. 

You first hear about Bill for your Fame Checker from your rival, when you meet him on the Nugget Bridge.

There’s also a young boy in Cerulean City’s Pokémon Center talking about Bill.

An old man who lives in Fuchsia City turns out to be Bill’s grandfather. He’ll add another entry to Bill’s Fame Checker, and you can find him inside the house next to the city gym.

Lastly, you get three entries from Celio as you help him fix his machine in Sevii Islands’ One Island (READ: How to Get the Ruby and Sapphire Gems in FRLG).

Bill leaves you a special message after completing his entries.

Full Message Transcript – From Bill to Player: “Hey, there! Celio had nothing but praise for you. Hearing that makes me happy. When you catch some rare Pokémon, come show me, okay? Promise!”

Mr. Fuji

You might remember Mr. Fuji as the kind old man trying to stop Team Rocket in Lavender Town.

You get Mr. Fuji’s first entry from a young girl in Lavender Town. You’ll find her in the Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House. An old man in town will also add another entry to his Fame Checker.

A Team Rocket member will also talk about Mr. Fuji once you get to the topmost floor of the Pokémon Tower.

There’s a magazine in Lavender Town that gets logged as a Fame Checker entry for him as well. It can be found inside the same house you found the first girl.

Lastly, you also found out that Mr. Fuji established the Pokémon Laboratory in Cinnabar Island. You get the entries about this in a picture in Cinnabar Island’s Gym (same photo under Blaine’s entry), and in a Pokémon Journal in the town Pokémon Center.

You get a special message from the old man after finishing all his Fame Checker entries.

Full Message Transcript – From Mr. Fuji to Player: “Instead of hoping for the happiness of just your Pokémon… Can I get you to wish for the happiness of all Pokémon?”

Those are all the Fame Checker personas and the entries on where to find them. Do you get anything after completing their entries? Nope. But is it interesting to find out lore for these famous NPCs in the game? We like to believe that your answer is yes! If you’re aiming for a completionist run, we hope our guide helped!

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