How to Beat Trainer Tower’s Double Mode in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Double Mode is one of four challenges you can take on in Trainer Tower. You can breeze through the challenge so long as you have a well-rounded party to take on any Pokémon type you might encounter. Read on below to know which Pokémon you’ll be facing against and which ones you should bring for your roster.

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Double Mode Challenge

Double Mode is the second challenge you can take in Trainer Tower, although you can take the challenges in no particular order. As per its name, Double Mode features a 2 vs 2 battle between your Pokémon and your opponents.

Double Mode

This battling style means each of the trainers has two moves each before taking the next turn. While most moves are directed at one opponent only, there are some moves that can deal damage to both enemy Pokémon at the same time. You can use this to your advantage when planning out a strategy to beat Double Mode.

The move Surf can inflict damage on two opponents at the same time.

Unlike the Elite Four challenge, the trainers you will face in Double Mode do not have type preferences. The guide below will make the most of type and skill advantages, so try to bring one of each of what is recommended should you want an easier time in the tower.

Prepare your items and heal your Pokémon party, let’s get on with the challenge!

Floor 1

You meet with Twins Jen & Kira for Floor 1, with their Pokémon Espeon and Jolteon.

Espeon and Jolteon are both Eevee evolutions, the former specializing in Psychic moves while the other with Electric-type moves. Since this is a Double battle, you will be facing both at the same time. Try not to bring Pokémon weak to both Psychic or Electric moves.

Jolteon is most likely to attack first as it has an insanely high Speed stat. You can bring a Ground Pokémon to nullify Jolteon’s electricity, but bear in mind that it can attack your other Pokémon unless you bring two Ground-types.

Espeon has a clear advantage on Special Attack. Its Psychic move can one-hit KO your Pokémon, so try to take out Espeon first. It is weak to Bug, Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon, so you can bring either of these three in battle. If without, you can try a Pokémon with a high Attack Stat as well.

Eventually you will be able to prevail against this first round, and the twins will make a path for you to pass through. Don’t forget to heal up and Save before going to the next floor.

Floor 2

Up next on Floor 2, you have Crush Kin Jo & Haley with their Houndoom and Alakazam.

Once again you have your Psychic type Pokémon in the form of Alakazam. Like Espeon and Jolteon, its main advantages are its high Special Attack and Speed stat. It’s most likely to take the turn first, with a very deadly move that can lead your Pokémon to faint.

Deal with it immediately with your Bug, Ghost and/or Dark-type Pokémon you brought to deal with Espeon. Careful with Bug-types though, as Houndoom can easily burn them in a crisp, so switch them out with either of the two.

Houndoom is part Dark-type, part-Fire Pokémon, so a Water-type can deal good enough damage thanks to type advantage. If you have a Pokémon with the move Surf, feel free to spam it as it will also deal damage to Alakazam if it isn’t out of the game yet.

Just like that, you’re done with Floor 2.

Floor 3

Crush Kin Ric & Rene have a Machamp and Golem for you to challenge.

These two Pokémon complement each other with their stats – Golem has a super high Defense stat, while Machamp’s Attack stat is way above average.

If you have your Water-type still with you, make sure it has Surf to hit both Golem and Machamp. Golem is part-Rock and part-Ground Pokémon so Water-type moves are 4x as effective.

You should have Machamp left after a few rounds of Surf. Fighting-type Pokémon are weak against Psychic and Flying ones, so if you have these Pokémon available, use them to make quick work of Machamp. Otherwise, it’s pretty slow and has average Defense, so a well-hit move from a Pokémon with a decent Attack stat can beat Machamp, albeit slower than a type advantage.

Heal up if you need and try to minimize returning to the lobby to switch out Pokémon. Once you finish listening to the losing team’s dialogue, don’t forget to Save and head to Floor 4.

Floor 4

You are halfway there! Waiting on this floor is Cool Couple Isac & Mag, along with their Crobat and Piloswine.

Unless you have a really quick Pokémon, Crobat is most likely to take the first move each and every turn thanks to its excellent Speed. Watch it out for its poison-inducing moves.

If you have a Psychic Pokémon that dealt with Machamp from last round, you can use its Psychic moves to defeat Crobat who’s weak against Psychic Pokémon. If you don’t have one, an Electric-type Pokemon or any hard-hitting Pokémon can deal sufficient damage to Crobat as the rest of its stats, with the exception of Speed, are low to average.

Piloswine is part Ice and part Ground. It’s a pretty slow Pokémon, and the only thing going for it is it has a lot of HP and some decent attacks. It might take some time to bring it down while it continues to weather down your own HP. Use a Fire-type move if you want to get it out of the way quickly.

Keep doing what you’re doing until you emerge victorious. Make your way past them and you only have three more floors to go.

Floor 5

Arcanine and Blissey are your opponents under Cool Couple Jos & Anne.

Arcanine isn’t too special – its stats and move sets are at most average. You have a clear type advantage if you still have that Water Pokémon with the Surf move. This should easily knock out Arcanine, leaving Blissey behind.

Blissey is the Pokémon with the most HP out of all Pokémon in this generation, with a whopping 255 HP stat at base. Blissey can also be a pain if it keeps regenerating health with its held item.

It also has a high Special Defense stat, so type and elemental move damages are halved against Blissey. Its regular Defense is abysmal, however, so feel free to hit it with Normal or Fighting-type moves to beat it, whatever works for you.

It might take some time, but you should triumph eventually.

Floor 6

Young Couple Emy & Alex are next, along with their Furret and Ursaring.

Both Furret and Ursaring are Normal-type Pokémon, which means only Fighting-type moves are effective against them. Ursaring can deal some nasty damage if you let it, but other than that, both of these Pokémon don’t have any exceptional stats to make a note of.

If you don’t have a Fighting-type Pokémon to easily dispose of them, any Pokémon with a high enough Attack or Special Attack stat can deal sufficient damage. You can even use the Water-type Pokémon in your roster to attack them with Surf. This hits both of them at the same time and can deal significant enough damage as their Special Defense stats are both low.

Floor 7

The second to the last floor challenge has Brother and Sister duo, Axe and Ren. Dragonair and Lanturn will be your opponents for this round.

Dragonair has average stats, but it deals great damage to any of these elemental type Pokémon – Fire, Water, Electric and Grass-types. Try to switch these out from your roster if you can to avoid being easy pickings for Dragonair.

If you have an Ice-type onboard, use it to your advantage as Dragon-types are weak to Ice. If not, any Pokémon with a good Special Attack stat can deal with Dragonair.

Lanturn is part-Electric and part Water-type, so the only type advantages that will work against it are Grass and Ground-types. Its Attack and Defense are pretty low, but its high HP makes up for it to make the battle unnecessarily long and tiring.


If you don’t have a Grass or Ground-type with you, any hard-hitting Pokémon can hopefully take out Lanturn after some patience.

You’re almost there, so heal up and save once more before heading to the eighth and final floor.

Floor 8

Finally, the last floor! Cool Couple Geb & Megan have a Rhydon and Gyarados as your last opponents.

Rhydon is part-Ground and part-Rock type Pokémon. Its key stats are its high Attack and Defense, so you better avoid getting it and make sure you wear it down slowly but surely.

Remember that Water-type Pokémon we recommend you bring? Bring it out and spam Surf to hit both Rhydon and Gyarados. Rhydon should go down quickly.

Gyarados is part-Water, part-Flying, so the Surf move might have dealt negligible damage to it. If you have an Electric-type or Grass-type Pokémon on your roster, use it to easily deal with Gyarados.

This last fight might take a while, but with the right moves and strategy, you should emerge victorious.

Go on up the rooftop to take your prize!

Prize: Dragon Scale

When you reach the topmost floor, the Trainer Tower owner will congratulate you if you beat the challenge within the limit.

He hands you the Dragon Scale as your ultimate prize for beating Double Mode.

The Dragon Scale is a hold item you give to a Seadra. When traded with the scale in possesion, Seadra evolves into Kingdra. It’s a well-worth-it item if you do intend to complete your Pokédex.

Now that you’re done with the Double Challenge, it’s time to take your next one! If you haven’t yet, read up here on key strategies for winning against the Single Challenge. Up next, the Mixed Challenge!

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