Where to find all Rare Candy Locations in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Rare Candies can be found throughout various locations in the game. Some are Poké Ball items while others are hidden and may need an Itemfinder. Follow this guide to find each one!

Using Rare Candies

A Rare Candy is an item that can be given to a Pokémon. When consumed, it raises a Pokémon’s level by one.

As per its name, Rare Candies are not too abundant, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find a number of them in the overworld. It’s recommended you have a Pokémon who has learned the HM move Fly when you start your hunt for Rare Candies, as you would need to dart around from place to place. Having an Itemfinder is also useful should you have trouble locating the hidden Rare Candies.

Rare Candy Locations

  • Mt. Moon

Head to Route 4 or fly to the Poké Center by the entrance to Mt. Moon.

You first get to Mt. Moon when going to Cerulean City. To get the Rare Candy, you need to enter Mt. Moon from the entrance coming from Pewter City.

Enter the cave. The Rare Candy can be found here on the first floor of the cave. Go up past the lady trainer next to the sign from where you enter.

Head right and follow the path past the stairs icon.

Go down when you see an opening between the cave wall and a cave barrier like so.

The Rare Candy is in a Poké Ball at the bottom.

  • Cerulean City

There’s a hidden Rare Candy to be found in one of the houses in Cerulean City.

From the Poké Center, go left towards the path that leads to the Nugget Bridge. Go inside the house above you – the one that has a backdoor entrance.

Go inside the house and exit out the door to get to the backyard. The Rare Candy is hidden in between the two flowers at the bottom.

  • Route 9

There’s another Rare Candy near the area, found just on the outskirts of Cerulean City. It’s on Route 9 on the way to Rock Tunnel.

From where you leave the house where you last got the Rare Candy, head right towards the house that had been burglarized. Go inside and leave through the backdoor exit.

Keep close to the fence until you see the path that leads to Route 9. You need a Pokémon who knows how to use Cut to get past the small tree blocking your way.

Follow the route’s path going right until you get to the area where the hiker trainer is. Use your Itemfinder to uncover the buried Rare Candy in this area.

For easier locating, count one step to the left of the cave wall and press A when your character sprite is facing downwards to find the Rare Candy.

  • Route 6

The easiest way to get to Route 6 is to fly to Vermillion City.

From the Poké Center, go north towards the area where the guardhouse connecting Vermillion City to Saffron City is located. This is Route 6. There’s a ledge on the left that has an opening. Use your Itemfinder in this area.

The Rare Candy is found just ahead of the ledge entrance, directly in front of the fence

  • Pokémon Tower

Pokémon Tower can be found in Lavender Town. You first gain access to this area after traversing Rock Tunnel from Cerulean City.

From the town Poké Center, enter the tower to your right.

The Rare Candy is found on the 6th floor, just behind the stairs leading to the topmost floor.

  • Rocket Hideout

Celadon City is where you want to go next. There’s a Rare Candy on one of the floors of Team Rocket’s hideout. The hideout is located in the basement of Celadon City’s Game Corner.

From the Poké Center, the Rocket Game Corner is just a few steps down. You should immediately recognize it from the building design and the name marker in front of it.

Head inside and go towards the back area. If you’ve already played the quest line here, the stairs should show up to your right. If it’s your first time inside, here’s your guide on how to clear Team Rocket’s Hideout.

Keep going down the stairs until you reach B3F. You should find the room with the arrows maze. You need to step on the correct directional arrows to transport you to the other side. This time, you need to get to the area where the Poké Ball is.

From the starting point, take the directional arrow going left.

You should arrive at the yellow tile opposite the arrow. Take the remaining available arow below you to arrive on the next yellow tile.

Take the arrow below you again to get to the area of the Poké Ball to get the Rare Candy.

  • Fuchsia City

There’s one Rare Candy to be found in Fucshia City.

From the Poké Center, jump over the ledge to get to the Warden’s House. It’s the one with the mailbox beside it.

The Rare Candy is inside his house tucked behind a boulder. You need a Pokémon who knows the move Strength to move the boulder aside.

  • Route 12

Route 12 connects Lavender Town, Vermillion City and Fuchsia City.

The best place to access the area where the Rare Candy is located is from Vermillion City. From the Poké Center, go down the path towards Diglett’s Cave, past the tall grass with a bunch of trainers to get to the guardhouse.

You should arrive at the spot previously blocked by Snorlax. If there’s still a Snorlax blocking your way, here’s the guide on getting it to wake up.

From this area, follow the path downwards until you reach Route 12. You’ll be passing a house midway, and then continue along the boardwalk.

You should arrive at an intersection that leads to a small patch of tall grass. Have your Pokémon use Cut on the small tree to get inside.

Use the Itemfinder to look for the Rare Candy, or click on the grass tile as indicated in the image below

  • Route 17 – Cycling Road

Cycling Road is the long stretch of routes connecting Celadon City and Fuchsia City.

You need a bicycle to gain entry into Cycling Road. Enter the Cycling Road through Celadon City’s guardhouse. Right your bike downhill, keeping to the middle lane until you reach a sign.

From here, go back to where you came from and climb up to get to the road on the right side.

This is where it gets a bit tricky, but you need to stop cycling downhill until you reach the area where the sign is. You should find the Rare Candy directly on the tile opposite of the sign across the road.

  • Silph Co.

Head to Saffron City next to get to Silph Co.

If it’s your first time in the building, you can clear the game objective here by reading this guide.

Enter the building and use the elevator on the first floor to climb up to the 10th floor.

From where you get off the elevator, keep heading left and go into the room at the bottom corner. You should find three Poké Balls inside. The Rare Candy is the one at the bottom

  • Pokémon Mansion

Go to Cinnabar Island next as there’s a Rare Candy inside the Poké Mansion.

The Poké Mansion is just above the island’s Poké Center.

From where you enter, follow the carpeted path and climb up the stairs.

Press the switch on the statue near the stairs you just climbed up on. You know it’s correct when the statue’s eyes aren’t glowing and the area above the stairs opened.

Now, go past the set of stairs going up and head to the room just above it. You should now be able to enter this area with the second set of stairs going up.

Press the switch on this second statue. Make sure the eyes of the statue are glowing so you can unlock the next area.

You should now be able to continue on the path down. Go down and veer right past the scientist until you reach the end of the hall to find the Rare Candy.

  • Victory Road

There’s a Rare Candy to be found in the first floor of the cave in Victory Road.

You need to enter the cave via Route 23 coming from Viridian City. Get past the guards checking the badges until you reach the entrance to the cave.

You should have a Pokémon who knows how to use Strength as you will be pushing boulders around. When you enter, start pushing the boulder in front of you towards your left in this direction so it gets on top of a floor switch.

Backtrack towards the steps to cross to the other side now that the rock barrier is gone.

When you reach the area of the Cooltrainer, take the steps to your right.

The Rare Candy would be hidden just above, next to the rock below the boulder.

  • Sevii Islands

There’s a Rare Candy in Two Island’s Cape Brink.

When you get off the docks, go past the merchant until you reach the steps leading to the Cape.

Climb up past the waterfall and walk across the tall grass until you reach the house at the top. The Rare Candy is hidden behind the house, at the cliff’s edge.

You can also find one more Rare Candy in Five Island’s Lost Cave.

You can get to Lost Cave by following the instructions here starting from Five Island’s Poké Center. From where you enter, you need to go inside the cave openings precisely in this direction: Right, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Down, Left. The rooms look pretty much the same so it can be a bit confusing, but stick to the pattern even if it meant going back the way you entered.

You should arrive at a new chamber where the Rare Candy be found in the middle.

Rare Candy

Infinite Rare Candy

Lastly, Lady Sephy in Five Island’s Resort Gorgeous also hands out Rare Candies.

You need to first find her in Lost Cave and return her safely to her home to start her fetch requests.

Once she’s back in her house, she will start requesting to see a random Pokémon.

If you do manage to present her requested Pokémon within the given time, she will grant you rewards as a token of appreciation. The rewards vary in rarity, and among the prizes she gives out are Rare Candies. You can get multiple Rare Candies from her this way.

Despite its name, Rare Candies don’t seem too “rare” anymore now that you know where to find and look for them. That said, they’re still a finite resource and it can be pretty tedious to go hunting for them, but it’s a good way to raise a Pokémon without going into a lot of battles.

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